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RE: 5 Years Minimalism What Changed?

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Hi @macchiata! Wow, that's a great post. Can't help but agree with all your points 😍

Definitely, it's hard to be a minimalist when people around you are not used to the idea. But I admire you for showing your family that people can live a minimalist life to be happy. And I'm glad your mom eventually found your habits sensible.

As for me, my mom once practiced Buddhism and is generally a very simple person. But of course, sometimes, she and I still can't help succumbing to the expectations of relatives to live "successful" lives--having a high-paying job, bountiful business, grand houses, cars, you name it.

Anyway, have a great week ahead, and looking forward to your other minimalist posts 🤗


Oh yeah, removing the expectations from others (relatives) was something that was also a struggle for myself even my mom. I don't care with it but my mom do, which sometimes always turns into a heated argument. It's really difficult to teach her that sometimes, we don't need those just because we have to look cool or seen happy. But I guess one thing at a time. Maybe one day we can remove those extra annoying noises 😄

I guess that's really how those expectations should be treated: as noise. Thanks for the advice!