#KISS - Blogging Ideas 25

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Hello All,

It's @millycf1976 here!

Welcome to another week of #KISS blogging ideas!

This week is a chance to share some personable and relatable blogs, showing snippets of your minimalist life.
See the choices of questions below.

Please follow the guidelines.

As usual, be creative, have fun, and make this as personably relatable as you feel.

Thanks for being part of the community, and sharing all your lovely ideas, I look forward to reading your stories, always:)))

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I just posted my entry to the last challenge and I guess I came late. But for this, I am entering earlier since I just joined this community and find it interesting to talk on this topic; Minimalism 👏

Let me follow suit 😁😎

Nice one 👍

I hope it's not too late to post this but it's a fun topic I love to write about: Here's my post for this week: https://peakd.com/hive-194848/@coloringiship/the-minimalist-lifestyle-or-how-i-incorporate-minimalism-in-my-day-to-day-life-a-peek-inside-my-daily-routine

I was surfing this platform today and I found this amazing group. Never knew something like this goes on here. Probably going to join.