📣The Block Party - Music City?😎

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There Has Been a Change

After much deliberation and consideration, we have decided to change the place from Gatlinburg to Nashville! Considering how this is shaping up, it would only make sense to be in Music City, USA to honor the musicians! Plus, since most people will likely be flying in to this bigger airport, it will save significantly on travel expenses and time spent with each other. That's what it's really all about, the experience with others and sharing the joys of it all. So, let's maximize that.


Nashville, Tennessee, is often referred to as a 'small town trapped in a big city'. It doesn't really matter what part of the city you are in, there is never music very far away. And, it's not just country. There is everything from rock to bluegrass to jazz to blues to hip-hop to opera. Hopefully, you will get a taste of what 'southern hospitality' is as people really are quite friendly and helpful down here. They love to listen. Quite often, you'll run into 'famous' people just casually carrying on, I hung out with Weezer and Papa Roach after a concert one night! Just because we all ended up in the same place.

Have you ever heard the term 'Southern Comfort'? It's not just a drink, it's relative to the massive array of delicious foods that Nashville has. And yes, @thebeardflex, there is a Mellow Mushroom here too! Did you know that Cotton Candy and The Goo Goo Cluster were invented/created in Nashville? And, though not quite as hilly as Gatlinburg, there is still plenty of gorgeous scenery like the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Cumberland River landscapes.

Back to the Music

The 'Main Event' of this year's Block Party, is shaping up to be a concert with our main man from @nfttunz! We currently have @iamdarrenclaxton, @d-vine, @junkfeathers, @double-eagle and @polarmystro all coming to perform for us! In Music City, nonetheless. We're going to be making history with this one ladies and gentlemen. I mean, how often does this chance really come around?

We Want You!

We still have about a week before I close the doors for names on the docket to play for us. We are aiming for the 9th of September (would Saturday the 10th be better?) to be our primary night of festivities for The Block Party. So, this is a call out to all musicians across the blockchain to get your name on the ticket. I would love to have one or two more for everyone to enjoy this fall. You want to come play with us? Drop a comment down below or reach out to @enginewitty on discord.

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Oh man this is going to be awesome 😎 over 6 hours driving worth it all to actually hang out with some hivers we should get some invitations I'm sure lots of people would come

It's still up in the air as to how we are going to approach the Block Party concert. I would like to give all the performers some kind of something, so we may sell tickets for it or anyone that rsvp's by a certain date gets in free and people pay at the door or maybe sell tickets and have it be private exclusive and artists can give out X amount of free (or charge if they prefer) tickets, not entirely sure. Once the list is closed for artists to get on the docket, we'll arrange a few meetings and see what everyone wants to do.

dude!!!!!! does this mean we're going to hunt down and meet Jack White!?!?!?!

🤣If that is your mission, we won't stop you😝

this is so awesome!
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Have some !PIZZA because...

Keeps gettin better😝

If there is still room I would like to perform!

Will add you to the list! Where are you coming in from?

Damn. I was pretty pumped about the camping around Gatlinburg but pretty sure I can suffer through with Nashville, too :)

I actually know a couple of people there. A guy in a band (go figure) and a long rider that lives in Murfreesboro. I haven't seen the band guy since I moved to Yuma, but their schedule looks like they might be in and around Nashville just after Labor Day. Hmmmmm.

Exciting stuff.

Aw c'mon, Nashville is awesome too! And nobody says you can't go east a little since you gonna be on a nice long bike ride anyway 😁

I'm guessing Nashville has more happening than Gatlinburg, just generally speaking.

I'd bet I spend some time in GSM National Park no matter what. I'm going to Bristol after...

Now you makin me jelly. 😁

I'm not sure if I have the money to make the trip... We're poor out these parts.

How far are you?

Alright! I have their menu and number bookmarked! If I don't make it, I will definitely be sponsoring a few Pizza's from Mellow Mushroom for the crew on behalf of the PIZZA project!

Woot woot! Be awesome if you can make it! Our thanks to you in advance either way 🍕

This is amazing news and will unite many HIVE musicians and the wider non-crypto world!
Lots of work to do, but damn! How exciting!


Nashville! I approve this change! Love that town. Not only is the music fabulous and everywhere, THE FOOD!!!!

Does that mean you are coming and I can add you to the list???

Not of performers. Too much pressure! I'll let you know if I can attend. I have responsibilities at home that make leaving very difficult. I sure want to!

Okie days, hope to see ya there!

Maybe I should learn to sing lol
I'm missing out on some cool stuff

Thanks for the mention, and the tip. Made my day ^_^

Anytime man!

Thank you brother, you know you have a place in my and my wife's heart, you are sensational.

I was wondering, would you accept that I sing some boleros or some salsas? Not from eating, but from dancing, and if so, it would be a show hahaha lol 😂😂😂😂.

Oh ya, some Salsa would be great!


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