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Love the Kinks.

Wow... Skins voice is incredible and it must have been great to see live . A big sound!

Nicely choices there made, rounding with Dub Pistols, always a fave!

The Kinks are timeless :)
Yea Rag n Bone Man has an awesome voice and it is even better live!
Dub Pistols, gotta love em and you know they played Glastonbury this year:)

Hahaha it’s the three different vibes for me.
I personally liked the Rag n Bone man song, the intro is so powerful, that man can sing!

He is an awesome singer JW, I have been playing his albums all morning:)

Nice set Tito Ed, I like the second one :) It's kinda calming :)

yeah a varied set CJ. Rag n Bone Man really does have an awesome voice, and it is calming I agree:)

Yes :) I listened to him 3x this morning hehe

Oh wow that is cool, I hope that you enjoyed CJ:)

I did, thank you ;)

Awesome, I have him on now!

Nice! Enjoy it Tito Ed hehe


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I think I like this rory graham
I like the voice and the sound I'm so going to check more of the band songs.

He is great Johnsen, really easy to listen to, there are quite a few songs bt Rag n Bone Man:)

Okay will definitely look into them


Some interesting tunes here, I loved the second one

Yes I thought you might like Rag n Bone Man, he has a great voice:)

He truly does

Oh yeah, that Kinks song is wonderful! I think the Jam did a cover too (not too shabby, but still not as good as the original!)

Yep the Jam covered it too:)

Hey, Super Ed!

I like your tunes choices this week. I'm glad I reminded you to join the ttt this week since all of them are new to me. Skin really has an enchanting voice. Dub pistols rocks:) it must had been so cool to see them performing live. And The Kinks song is so catchy I can understand why you had it flipping in your head, hehe.

I am sorry about the cancellation of the festival in your city. I hope that others will be scheduled during the summer.

hihi Super Eli
Thank you and I thought a good variety of tunes this week!
Yes thank you for the reminder push, it was needed!
The Kinks I knew that would be catchy hehe
Skin is the song by Rag n Bone Man but he really has an amazing voice :)

The reminder push, it was needed!

You know that sometimes you need me to wear my bossy boots 🤣🤣
And I'm listening to The Kinks now ;)

Yes you do need to wear your bossy boots every so often Super Eli!

I'm going to save this comment for the future when you complain that I'm bossing you 🤣🤣🤣

Going to come back later and have a listen!

Have a great one Fiona :)

I usually like the Kinks but somehow, I think I might like The Jam's cover better. Rag n Bone Man: what a voice. I did enjoy that. I love the ska undertones in Real Gangster life. They must be amazing live, the Dub Pistols.

There is not much in the versions between The Kinks and The Jam, but Rag n Bone Man just has an awesome voice.
hehe yeah Dub Pistols have very much a ska influence and they put on a great show live:)

He has such an enchanting voice I think.

He has the voice indeed and I enjoyed his song too especially featuring such young little dude.

You have such great selection for us this week and I really loved their performances too.

Thanks Busayo, it was a fun one this week :)
I do love his songs and he is great to hear his voice

I love the Rag n Bone man song! Its really awesome!

hehe Rag n Bone Man, that is the name of the singer, but he is great, he really has an awesome voice, I can listen to it at any time:)

yeah, for those deep reflective moments, it is especially good! cheers mate.

ah yes great for deep reflective moments!

Kinks are forever loved by everyone, but, honestly, Rag n Bone Man! The voice is exactly that: enchanting! I need more. Thank you, Ed!

Great tunes today! Dub Pistols! Nice way to end!

Rag n Bone Man was absolutely massive here in 2018/2019, his voice though, yes enchanting.
hehe Dub Pistols are a fun band and always put on a great show.
My pleasure for these and thank you Denise:)

What a great graphic at the beginning of the post! 👍

The Kinks sounds like the Beatles or am I just imagining?

I love the piece from Rory Graham, but this is the first time I saw him in a video.

Nice Mexican-Hut from the Dub Pistols ~ of course, I'm biased! 😉


Thanks for that Armando!
hmm I am not really a Beatles fan, but perhaps The Kinks do.
Yeah I think Skin is one of his best songs, he is a big boy!
jeje you can be biased :)

I have never heard any of these songs and in all honesty, I am not sure I will ever get to listen to them if not for three tunes Tuesday. What genre is this? I'm not used to this type of songs but I enjoyed Rag "n' bone. Rorys's vice is very soulful. I felt every bit of it. Thanks for sharing

Yes there is soooooo much music that is impossible to listen to everything, which is why I like ttt as I get to hear music that I have never heard of or would listen to!

Exactly! TTT helps us reach a wider list of songs. I love it.

it does it does, and I need to think of next weeks now!

Same here

hehe still plenty of time!

Quality trio of tunes this week man, all quite different and all very enjoyable. Dub Pistols the highlight and well worth waiting for, hard not to bop around when listening to this. Nice one man 🤘

Cheers mate, Dub Pistols always get me going, great uplifting bopping music!