Willie Bobo - Talkin' Verve

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William Correa (February 28, 1934 – September 15, 1983),better known by his stage name Willie Bobo, was an American Latin jazz percussionist of Puerto Rican descent. Bobo rejected the stereotypical expectations of Latino music and was noted for combining elements of Jazz, Latin and Rhythm and Blues music. Willie Bobo - Talkin' Verve is a great collection of songs by his very versatile band, from slower tunes like Night Walk to medium jazz blues like Mercy, Mercy, Mercy to faster tempo excursions like Roots and Sham Time. Santana covered Willie Bobo's Latin song "Evil Ways" (included here) in 1969 on their debut album. There is also a version of Burt Bacharach's The Look of Love. Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries was featured in the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The bass player really keeps it in the pocket with the percussion players. The horn players and flute keep things lively, upbeat and jazzy. There are three sample tunes below and the last link will give you the entire album. It's party time!

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In the video links it says they are not available and in the link for the entire album it says that there are no videos in the playlist. Maybe it's because I live in Spain?

Sorry, it seems to work in the U.S. Perhaps try searching for Willie Bobo - Talkin' Verve on your Youtube. This is a shame, I suspect that you would really like this stuff.

Or try Willie Bobo - Talkin' Verve Full Album

Sorry, I can't find it.

I'm sorry too. There is this option but costs money
Or if you wish I could mail you a copy if you give me your address.

No, it's all right, I've eventually found some of the tracks. As I can see, it's not jazz, but boogaloo from the second part of the 1960's, a mix of Anglicized Latin music with R&B, mambo and rock & roll. A major hit was "Watermelon Man" by Mongo Santamaria in 1963, which by the way is a jazz standard written by legendary pianist Herbie Hancock for his debut album Takin' Off (1962). Nice anyway, thank you for bringing it here.

Have a great weekend! 😀

You as well. I am not always going to blog pure jazz stuff. I like a lot of 60's rock and R&B and Blues as well. I am trying to stick with what I think are some of the best offerings from these genres. I'm sure there are certain types of jazz purists that would be offended by my Lou Donaldson post and call it rock/funk. Others might think that Pharaoh Sanders is just noise. Some people think Hancock sold out with Watermelon Man and Cannonball as well with Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Not me, if it works for me I don't care which box or combination of boxes it comes from. I appreciate your posts and input.