Three Tunes for Tuesday, And Getting Back into A Yoga Practice

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The ancient yogis knew the power of sound and I'm reminded of it for this three tune Tuesday as I come down from the high of a yoga practice. Sometimes music is the only thing that can make me want to move my body in this way.


It's been so long since I've practiced yoga properly. Five minutes here and there, a few inversions and flows is all I've been able to manage. I miss it terribly, and today I threw on a playlist and tried to get into flow, which I managed for twenty minutes in a kind of fluid half dance, half yoga movement which left me longing for the full immersion of a good studio class led by an excellent teacher.

Music helped - the three tunes in this post helped me soar a little, finding a rythm that linked breath and heartbeat and brought me into my body. I could move from the slower, fluid movements on the floor, warming up my spine, to stronger poses like warrior and dancer's pose, feeling into each asana as the music swept over me. These are all beautiful songs and long - only listen if you're in a chill mood, otherwise you might find yourself falling asleep! The last song is much more upbeat so it's that you're after, give that one a listen instead.

Finding a yoga studio with excellent and experienced teachers is a daunting task for me. Yoga is supposed to be a practice that helps me find peace and balance, but when I'm frustrated at a teacher missing cues or doing fancy sequencing that doesn't support my body or make sense, I find leaving more rattled and stressed when I went in. I have also found that some teachers don't have enough experience which doesn't meeting my expectations of what a teacher should be able to provide, especially when you're paying $25 a class!


I've also found it difficult to sit with my emotions in the last year, especially on the mat. The traumas of the last few years - COVID lockdowns, my father's illness, and so on, has left me feeling anxious, depressed, and disconnected, and it can be hard to find the motivation to practice yoga when I'm feeling like this. It's easier for me to lose myself surfing or gardening, helping myself center a little better.

I know I have to be be patient and persistent in finding the right resources and support that aligns with my values and needs. It will come when the time is right. As always, I remind myself to take it one step at a time and not to be too hard on myself.

This song picks up the pace a little and had me properly moving in joy. It's definitely going to be one on repeat as I vow to sit a little more with my emotions and allow them to move through me, helping their energy move through me as I shake and stretch and dance it out on the mat.

Hope you enjoyed these tunes for @ablaze's three tune Tuesday.

The images are co created by me in Midjourney AI.

With Love,


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Glad you were able to find some peace with these songs and some yoga. Have you tried any of the fitness apps to look for teachers? I know the experience isn't going to be the same but the selection and skills of the teachers might be greater.

You are dead right there and some of the good yoga teachers around the world are amazing. There's a couple of yoga studios in Bali that do good classes too. But, they have a select amount of videos up so you end up doing the same classes over and over and the live ones are thin on the ground now lockdowns are over. And as you say, it's not the same. Sigh. mind you I've spent three days surfing my heart out and I can barely move right now so yoga is now back of the queue again 🤣🤣🤣

It's easier for me to lose myself surfing or gardening, helping myself center a little better.

I find that gardening and cycling can do that for me, too.

These songs remind me a lot of Enya, particularly the first. Enya definitely helps me settle my mind down.

Yes! I think music like this can be really calming. Some days I play a lot of it. Thanks for listening x

 2 months ago  

I've never practiced Yoga and don't know much about it, but sounds like you get a lot out of it, so great to hear that you are getting back into it again. The start of that second song reminds me of this song from Anthony and the Johnsons - a similar timbre in the voice I think.. It's a nice song, but only got to 5 mins as I am tight for time this evening, I'll try to get back to listen to the lot.

Some cools funky sounds and vibes in that last song, I can see how you would get very spiritual and tuned in while listening to these tunes, thanks as always for sharing them with us.