Aimin Etwal & Yasun - Nature Boy (cover of a jazz classic)

in Music7 months ago

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Good evening everybody!

If you enjoy amazing music, you are in for a treat. Our dear friend Aimin Etwal came into the studio today with self-taught clarinet player from France, Yasun. They will perform a son originally written by eden ahbez and popularized by the amazing Nat King Cole.

Please enjoy Nature Boy.

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 7 months ago  

Wonderful performance and very nice video! Well done!

Thank you @ylich! We're really happy to have these talented musicians come share their music with us and the entire HIVE family. Today was a pretty special day because we finally convinced @aiminetwal to create his HIVE account. how about that???

I think we've found a fun way to onboard friends and creators to come join HIVE and make our musical family grow.

Super stoked about that!

 7 months ago  

Awesome job! Congratulations on that! I'll be waiting for @aiminetwal's content! 👍

This is absolutely beautiful man. pure magic, jazz is therapeutic..thanks for sharing,love it💙

Thank You! yes, we're very fortunate to have talented musicians come into the studio all the time! We actually managed to get @aiminetwal to join HIVE this time, so we'll definitely have more music like this :)

Love to hear it

This was incredible! I don't listen too much to jazz but this was very relaxing. Great talents!

This was a surprise for us too!

Wasn't expecting that amazing song <3 learned a bit about its history too and once again amazed by Nat King Cole :)

That was awesome. What a vocalist 👍😍

Thank you! @aiminetwal is an amazing human being and talented musician. We're honored to have him record with us!

Thank you for your words 🙏


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