Remixing Computer Game Music - Killer Instinct

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Alright, so who played on the classic Super Nintendo game Killer Instinct? This was a fighter game that rivalled Tekken and Mortal Kombat in my book, developed by a company called Rare. If I remember rightly, it was the first time a game was released with a full CD soundtrack. Back in those days, you had cartridges instead of discs that you put in to the console.

Anyway, one of the tunes I really liked was called "Do It Now", with eastern influences for the character called Jago. I was listening in to the track recently was wondering how it would sound if I could do a Drum & Bass version. Here is the original for reference - bring back that 90s cheese haha:


As my remix is still a work in progress, there's only a secret link on Soundcloud that you can check out here. It was a challenge to find all the samples, I had to do a lot of cutting, editing and processing to get the samples I wanted but I was particularly happy when I found out that famous "Kabuki Yo" sound that you hear at sporting events. Yooooooooo!

Remix Link

Let me know what you think of the Drum & Bass Twist 😜



Never played that game, well not that I either played any Nintendo game, ever... But you asked for music, so when I opened the remix link I could immediately recognize the sound so characteristic to you! It's like a signature of each musician and if after some time we can recognize the author even not knowing the song, it's a good sign. It means you made something specific and we can connect it always to you 🥂🎶🎶

Hey brotiano! I think Killer Instinct was one of those games that went mostly under the radar for anyone who didn't have a SNES! Thanks for the kind words on the remix and signature style! I've missed making the tunes so hopefully be able to make some more as time goes on - enjoy the champagne 🥂