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Hey, @jaydr, never ever doubt the thoughtfulness and the love of God. He is a mighty father, and he will always be there for us.

I love the bass in your voice, wait, is that Tenor? ... Hehehehe.... You have a wonderful voice, dude .... Oh my goodness, my heart is beating fast, listening to you sing

And your guitar is doing an amazing job helping you draw me out of my sober mood 🥺

Well done, @jaydr ❤️

Edit: I a definitely downloading this song 🥵🥵🥵


I m glad you also remind me of God's faithfulness, it was never forgotten or doubted just reinforced.

I m glad you were blessed by the song.
Why were you sober ?

Why were you sober ?

I don't know if I should call it soberness but I know I am in a very huge situation right now, and I am quite nervous... I am currently drinking Pepsi alongside fried yam to calm my nerves...😂😂

I have a #ping to complete and I am behind time. I have about 14 hours to finish and about 40 followers to ping

The issue isn't pinging them, I can handle that, my nervous feeling at the moment is because "I am worried I might not get enough ping back before the end of 14 hours"

I am praying really hard. I hope that God will have my back.🙏

By the way, you are one of the people I had to ping... Hehehehe... So thank you for pinging back.... I love you so much for this 🥺❤️❤️❤️

I am currently drinking Pepsi alongside fried yam to calm my nerves...😂😂

I ll use coke if I were you.
Chill it will all be fine.

What's the #ping about tho

Hehehehe.... I don't like coke that much but my Pepsi is really chill 😃

What's the #ping about tho

I'll just head over and copy an answer from the our wonderful initiator for you.

Wait for me. I'll be back. 🤗

Edit: @jaydr, I searched everywhere, too many comments and notifications, I couldn't find it easily.

I'll let @wil.metcalfe to answer this for you.... Please, forgive me but I gotta run. 🥺

Oh. We ve met.
Does it have to do with @comet.ranker or so?

Oh.. How come I missed it. ?
Must have been one of my opened tabs.

Correct. It does. 😊

Yes Jay! This is the newest engagement initiative by @Comet.Ranker! ☄️

By the way! I still owe you some Comet Tokens! (I haven't forgotten!)

Thank you for writing that post (all about what you like best about people) awhile back! That was some @Comet.Ranker Homework and I just loved your response!

I have been doing a massive push to build out the backend of Operation #Ping and now we are in the full swing with the #CometCrew #Ping'ing there way across the Hive Universe!

So Yes! It's been BUSY!

Once things cool off a bit I'll be back to award those Comet Tokens and fill you in on any thing you may be wondering about. 😊

I hope that your doing well my friend! 🙌

Comet Ranker

For more about Operation #Ping 👇

Thanks so much for coming to clarify and thanks for the tokens too.🙏🏽

I ll be sure to check out the post and be a part of it.