Tatyana's performing on Aqua House hotel in Varna, Bulgaria

in Music10 months ago

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Tatyana play on Bandura Ukrainian traditional song with own improvisation. Its our first expirience to play in the hotel. I will write separate post about how it working)
But now just enjoy the music and have a great day)

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I have been fascinated with your presentation, I must admit that it is the first time I see and hear this instrument, OH what a magical sound! It is a complete relaxation and you play the instrument with a sweetness that can be appreciated by such a special contact! thanks i really enjoyed it

Wow! Thanks for your review and comment!) It's very inspiring! Have a great day!

Thank you also for showing me your music so relaxing and perfect.

Gracias también por mostrarme tu música tan relajante y perfecta.

Beautiful music 😀

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