Wow I hope you can get regular work there👍

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Seven hours....?!?!?! Respect! It's hard for me to imagine doing ANYTHING for seven hours straight, even sleeping, let alone such an engaging activity as performing music. Wow. Also congrats on getting the job. You did get the contract signed, right?

heh, thanks)
no, we have not contract, because confusing. This hotel have six directors, and all directors like us, but one director sign contract with other musicians and say it in last moment. I upset a little, but all is life. Now try to make programm and do concerts.

How cool hotel @gulia.peito 👌
I am happy for you two, it's really a nice step.

Btw, how are you doing? Is everything ok in Bulgaria with you, despite the war in Ukraine?

Sorry for the late response to this post...

Good adventure friends!