Dance of Freedom — Flamenca backing track in Am #stopwarinukraine

in Music2 years ago (edited)

Hi guys! All know me as a man who just does backing tracks and plays on guitar. I'm in Ukrainian. I have not been able to do my work in recent days because of the air threat. Now we have a really hot and dangerous situation. I publish my work and I want to call it "Dance of Freedom". We will be glad if someone helps support Ukraine through protests and art. Download this backing track, play the guitar, and publicize your videos with the tag #stopwarinukraine. We need to stop this madness! Peace!


Am6 | Am7 | Bm7b5 | E7+
Am7 | F#m7b5 | Bm7b5 | E7+

Am | G | Fmaj7 | E

Am | Dm7 | E7 | Am


Hope you get to do the freedom dance soon.