Chill Out medetative backing track in Em + Process

in Music9 months ago

Hi guys! Meet my new backing track in the meditative chill-out style!

This track was written in E minor key. Perfect with guitar, harp, and ethnic instruments.

About process and instruments:


The basis for this track was the sound of rain and a dreamy synth.

I used a rain sound sample with distant thunder to immerse the listener in a certain atmosphere.

As a synthesizer I used my favorite Vital:


To the sound, reminiscent of strings, I added a heavenly backing. In general, I mixed the sound the way I like it. I usually focus not on the parameters, but on how pleasant it is for the ears.

Drum sections:

I have two types of drums.
First, it is jazz brushes, and another, its dreamy drums with long snare,


For the atmosphere, I use a sample of water drops in the cave.
For the samples I recommend using this site:

So as you see, it's not a big amount of instruments, but a good interesting track. Most important in this music is to create a good atmosphere.



Nice song to listen in the beach

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