A BOOST in your music career. What needs to be done.

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Hello friends! Long time no see! All this time I was busy with a new music program and finding myself in this world. Life circumstances prompted me to seriously take up my musical career and the musical career of my wife and move on.

I have made a plan of action that will lead us to success. I want to share my plan with you, as it can be useful for newcomers to the world of music. You have to invest effort and money. Nothing without this.

What does a musician need to do to present himself to the world?

Video presentation

It's just a must have! This is the first thing a potential employer will ask. If you don't have the funds to shoot something in a studio with a professional camera, shoot a video with a regular camera. Just do it.

Rules for a good presentation:

  • clean background
  • Concert wear
  • good light
  • Good sound recorded with the audio card.

Business card

First, it's a business card. This is what you should have with you. A business card immediately shows a potential employer or the owner of a concert venue that you are a serious person.

A musician's business card should contain your name, contacts and a QR code for your presentation or YouTube channel. People should be able to quickly access your music. It is important.

You don't have to pay a designer to make a business card. You can easily find business card templates on the Internet with the right sizes and edit them for yourself.

my business card looks like


Web Site:

The second best thing to do is a personal website. The site may contain more detailed information about you, a brief biography, and photos from performances.

my site looks like https://manzhos.art/

The name and domain of the site are my real name and surname. If you want to have a beautiful domain, you can write me.

Photo session in the studio with a photographer

What I did not do, but I consider it necessary.
Photos taken in the studio will be useful for creating posters for future concerts. If you do not have sufficient funds to hire a professional photographer, you can write to the Facebook group of photography lovers of your city. Very often, novice photographers do free photo shoots for a portfolio or photo shoots for donations.

If you have something to add, I will be glad to your comments. See you in the next posts!

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Good to hear from you again.

Hello! How are you? Whats new? Keep your van life?

I've had a break from vanlife for a few weeks as mostly helping my mother out with some stuff. I'm going well and should be back into vanlife soon🙂

 last year  

Hey man, what a great sound and performance. I wish you both the success you seek. I know that with hard work and dedication, you will achieve that goal.

Tnx for mental support!)

Thanks for these awesome tips! I will be taking them all on board :) I released my debut album back in July, and it has been hard trying to get my music out there! I have cards and posters etc which is cool. Just need to get some live gigs now and also keep my confidence high! :)

I wish you the best! Belive in yourself, even if society or parents say you cant, just belive!

*One more tip: I play on the street and put poster with a big QR code with my YT channel, so people from street can easily subscribe. Usyally people dont do that just for fun. If they scan code, that mean theirs really like music.

That is a great idea! Thank you! Many have always said it is not possible, and you are right about having self belief!

What is your YouTube channel? Link me and I will support :) I have lots of music on my one too :)

  1. This is cannel with my original backing tracks:

  2. This is a channel with my performances and original music