La Flaca is so Smooth. My #ttt recommendation for week 57

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Hello Hivers and music lovers!

Yay!!! It's Tuesday, and Tuesdays are musicals at Hive. It's a day to discover new tunes, to listen to some that we haven't listened to for a long time, or to share some of our favourite songs, those that no matter how many years go by, we keep listening to over and over again. And all thanks to the great #threetunetuesday or #ttt initiative hosted by @ablaze.

And what is it the #ttt about? In the words of Ablaze:

The jist is as follows
Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs which I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #ttt or #threetunetuesday tags that would be great. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the prize - more on that later.

You can find out more in ablaze's post for this Tuesday along with his recommendations for week 57.

My recommendation includes three well-known singers, but a single guitarist who plays with them. And he is none other than the great Carlos Santana. Guitarist of Mexican origin, considered among the best of his time. If you ask me when I started listening to him, I don't have an answer. I think I've been listening to Carlos Santana all my life. And I know my friend @fionasfavourites will enjoy these tunes.

Santana has done a lot of collaborations with artists during his career. Here's my selection of them for the #ttt.

Tune No.1 - La Flaca - Carlos Santana with Juanes

La Flaca is a song by the Mexican band Jarabe de Palo and although I like the original version. The version performed by the Colombian singer Juanes with Santana's guitar is so wonderful.

"Ven pa′ acá nena traeme tu huesos"

Tune No.2 - Corazón espinado - Carlos Santana with Maná

Corazón espinado is a collaboration between Santana and Mexican rock band, Maná. The song was written and is performed by Fher Olvera, vocalist of Maná.

Tune No.3 - Smooth - Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas

In this song, Carlos Santana is accompanied by the vocalist of the band Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas. Smooth is one of the most famous songs of Santana's career. And it is part of the album Supernatural.

Bonus tune - Oye cómo va - Carlos Santana

Oye cómo va is a mambo from the 60s by Puerto Rican-origin musician Tito Puente. Santana's version of the song is in the Latin rock vein and was a big hit. I can't count the number of times I've danced to this song.

This is all for today.

Thank you very much for reading!

Enjoy the music, enjoy life!

All writing are my own unless otherwise stated

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June 28, 2022


You were so right to call me over!! This made my afternoon. I need to fish out and play all my Santana albums - from the first one with Oye cómo va to the one that came after Supernatural. Perhaps for next #ttt I need to pick my favourite Santana tunes... One of my treasured memories was seeing him Cape Town...I'd go again. In a heartbeat!

That is so cool.. he would have been amazing live!

He was. It was. I remember it being announced and telling The Husband that were going. Come hell or high water. I can't remember anything else about that weekend...we were already living here, so we had to go to Cape Town. Only Santana matters!🤣

Hahahah!!!! That's so awesome, glad you went.

I remember you mentioned it in that post about the soundtrack of your life, that's why I tagged you. It must have been great to see him in live. :)
I'd love to see a ttt post with your favourite Santana songs. I've spent the day listening to him 😊🎸.

It was. One of my most favourite experiences and memories. And he did play my favourite song...

Oh si, ¡Carlitos! 🎶🎵🎶🎵

Excelente selección amiga

Hola Armando!
Gracias por pasarte por aqui 😄🎵🎶
Un abrazo!

¡Siempre es un placer!

Te envío también un fuerte abrazo 🤗

What a good selection of songs where Santana shows off his natural gift for playing the guitar, and his collaborations are always excellent.

I'm glad you liked the selection, and thank you for stopping by. Saludos!🤗

Super Eli who doesn't like Santana!
I must admit though that Oye cómo va is by far my favourite:)
I just finished mine, so thank you for the timely reminder:)
I hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!

Good thing you're not one of the rare specimens who might not like him;)
Oye cómo va is one of my favourites, and I also love much Samba pa ti. I'll be stopping by your ttt in a while. And you're welcome Super Ed, my pleasure always 😊🤗😉

hehe no I like him and his music, but you know that already Super Eli!

I know I know, 😉😄

hehe and good morning Super Eli , enjoy your coffee!

Gracias gracias Super Ed! I'm missing a pain au chocolat ;)


hehe I will have another one then Super Eli, just for you.
Someone is as curious as Ageese ;)

Brilliant choice. What a consummate guitarist and I love how you chose the ones you did, and couldn't stop at 3 haha...

Thank you ;) I couldn't stop at 3. And to be honest, I could have included many more, haha. I might have to do a continuation on another Tuesday.

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I couldn't understand the language 😂😂 but I love the performance and beat too. How are you doing?

I'm fine, princess, and I hope you are well too:)
I'm glad you like the beat.🤗

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Thank you very much!! Let's go for the next target 🐝 😄
Happy day😊

Santana - fantastic - he is real entertainer. Full disclosure though, we got free tickets to see him in Ireland and the gig was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting to be blown away, but it was a bit flat and subdued, not at all what I expected. I still like his music, but I wont be going to see him live again!

Although I've always liked him, I've never seen it live. And it's a shame that your experience was disappointing.

Ya just one of those things.