Golf is Great!

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You are going to have to take my word for it that I racked up over 7k steps on our first golf day of the year! It is like a #wednesdaywalk held on Thursday and posted with Friday’s steps!

I was a little too busy to post last night but knew I could hit Send post in the iPhone @actifit app, then select yesterday for the full effect. Unfortunately , I updated the app before doing so and the new version has added the Yesterday button to those that crash the app!!

So you will have to use a little imagination and trust based upon my years of actifitting.

This is the view from the first tee box on what would be our inaugural round for the 2022 season. We know the course well enough to draw it from memory from golfing there dozens of times already.

The course is in amazing shape despite an early launch and being the first course in the area to open. The greens are short and dry with the trees still sprouting their summer leafs.

We were a couple weeks of false starts for golf but managed to get out for a round or 2 and a little spinach that @davedickeyyall might have enjoyed.

We even stopped between the front and back 9 for a little lunch! Burgers and beer on the patio is perfect enough but even more at the sweet restaurant in the club

It was a fantastic round starting with a bogey on the first hole, fairly automatic 3-4 foot putts, and a 3-hole stretch that featured 2 birdies! Plenty of bad holes to keep me humble but the company and lunch was great.

Will return for sure!
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Golf is a good game and for exercise too. I have practice before, not actually played a round in a golf course. Cowbell looks like good beer !

Hitting balls at the driving range is fun no matter who you are. Getting out on the course is easier in some areas than others but simply have a golfer bring you and you will be enjoying it forever!

Cowbell is pretty damn good regional beer too!

Looks amazing. Wish I could have joined you!! I need some of those sweet potato fries.


You really do!

When travel opens up, I will be ready to launch my tour service for beer and music and golf experiences in the region! ;)


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