My Actifit Report Card: December 8 2022

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Another Day in the City!

Thursday, December 8th, 2022


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My Morning -> Afternoon

After a wonderful afternoon yesterday, I slept in today until 9am, and started off my day walking over to grab some Timmies breakfast coffee while working through my regular wake-up routine!
Leaving, I started off by checking up on my crypto-apps, - Phoneum, PI, COIN, Step.App, SweatCoin, GoodDollar, HiDollar, FUSE, and the such -, then going through my crypto-dailies, passives, generation, miners, monitors, and faucets; I eventually began reviewing my crypto-economics with CoinCodex, CryptoMarket, and CoinMarketCap, crypto-finances with CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, HodL and CoinTracker, going through my Web3 Dev. with OpenBlox, RunBlox, Sturdy, CertiK, OpenMeta, MelosStudios, and ProjectGalaxy's NFTs, continuing on going over some additional websites including Vimm, LikeTu and WomPlay, and finally finishing off everything with catching up to my crypto-news and read through some on Hive with Ecency and PeakD, economic news with Aliens, BovineVerse, CreatD, Notion, Noble, MDex, and Medium before checking on my Outside+ news, my AllTrails, TrailForks, and Strava trails; my GaiaGPS routes, with all, linking my PinkBike and ActiFit blogs, and ultimately finishing up my morning crypto-routine just before 9:45am, arriving at my breakfast spot for 10am!
Now, heading back, I caught up and - finishing my wake-up routine -, continued catching up to my YouTube subscriptions, and my Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel until about 10:45am, arriving back close to 11am, and getting myself ready for the day ahead just before 12pm, noon!
Last, after readying myself for the day, I was ready to go early afternoon, and headed on my way just after noon!

My Afternoon -> Evening

As afternoon came, I left close to 2pm for my 4pm event!

I checked out the nearby Scarborough Bluffs,

And because my phone was low on battery,

Switched between my two different devices,

Before heading on way,

Towards the Bluffs themselves,

Across the old Bridge,

And eventually back to check out some dispensaries!

Starting off at Dank Mart first though,

Grabbing a few munchies,

From one of their many aisles!


Heading on way to Cookies,


After snapping some shots,

On way,

Headed inside and checking out some of the displays,

All around the interior,

With beautiful lighting,

I loved the whole store!

I was eventually on way!

My Evening -> Night

As evening came, I checked out a few dispensaries, but I'll post these tomorrow when time!

For now, it's time to enjoy a fun evening, so off I go!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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