IS IT FALL, OR IS IT WINTER!😁............... Actifit Report Card: November 30 2022

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Is it Fall, or is it Winter………☺️
It has been a strange Summer, many leaves are still hanging on the trees…..
That was until today………………
Who sprinkled all the leaves on top of the snow Lol!🤣
Early this morning, Silvertop was outside taking a broom to Liz’s car, brushing off the snow.
At our elevation we got about two inches of light fluffy powder!😊
As I hiked higher up the Mountain, the snow got deeper, down in the valley they got very little!
I was watching closely for Cougar tracks in the snow……….
Maybe some Bobcat tracks?
I couldn’t tell for sure, the tracks were partially snow-covered.🤔
I got a text from our son that just returned from Hungary.
“ I have been shoveling for about one and one half hours, to get the cars unblocked from snow Dad!”😅
Check out @elizabethbit post for our “Grand-dog” Phoenix, the snow is deeper that she is Lol!🥰
Look closely at the snow on top of the garbage cans………
Yep… they got least one foot of snow!😲
This is the townhouse we stayed in two weeks ago, we just missed a major snowstorm!😳
At the time Liz’s car only had summer street tires on!
It looks like we timed that trip good Lol!😅
Maybe I will bring in a little more firewood for tonight…… can’t have too much firewood Lol!😇
Stay warm……..
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I'm glad we missed the snow when we were down that way! If we'd had the studs on, I wouldn't have worried about it though!

I am almost jealous; that much snow would have cancelled work today; that might have been a good thing for me.

Ironically, with all the tech that is available nowadays, they just can't nail our forecast. 😔


Do you remember the " Magic 8 Ball" .......
" Will we have snow tonight........😇


Brrrr... cold!!!
I'm glad I live in California!

Send some of that warm California sunshine up our way @silversaver888 !!😎
We're down to 18° as I type this.....

Oh yeah. So many trees never left the branches despite the snow.

It's very odd this is not normal ......
The leaves are normally completely off the trees by now....

I see. So many odd things happening in this world now.

Yes you are so correct it is a strange world, you need to look out for yourself and your wife take care!😀

Yeah. Thank you.

I love the outlook, specially in the last photo!

I'm glad my son and my daughter-in-law love this snow as well, given that they will need to shovel Lol!😀
He works for the city and was working 12 noon to 12 midnight driving the plow truck last night!!🙄

was working 12 noon to 12 midnight driving the plow truck last night!!

Just a big boy with a big toy. 😁

I do believe he has fun, he has sent me photos from inside the truck.... A very large piece of heavy equipment!!!😇😀

Yay! 🤗
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Looking forward to the new updates that you will share on discord on December 6!!😀
Thank you so much for your support on my post!!😀

Thanks for sharing amazing photos
with snow. I have not seen yet snow in
my real life.

I like snow 🎅

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos the snow is beautiful, it is also very cold!!!
I hope you have good weather where you are at take care!😀


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