'TIS THE SEASON!!!😀................... Actifit Report Card: November 29 2022

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‘Tis the season!!😊
“Silvertop as soon as you are finished Crypto trading, we need to take our “Secret Santa” packages to the Post Office!”🥰
When I took a break from trading this morning, it was time for our weekly Actifit Moderator call on Discord…..
Then onward to town………
A recent Actifit server update, a new look to the landing page, and more…….it was a good discussion!😊
Everyone in town is in “The sky is falling” mode…………….😳
The snow has just started falling, and every parking lot in town is covered with a thick layer of rock salt………….
It crunches when you walk, or drive over it!😲
“ They must be expecting a nor’easter Liz Lol! I am still happy to have our studded snow tires on the car!”
They gives you that “BIG 4 WD” feeling!😇
This weather is making for some interesting icicles, and the pond is solidly, frozen and snow-covered!
I could hear the wind bending the trees as I hiked, making eerie sounds………..
I stopped several times, and listened……..
This snow also makes for very good animal tracking!
I looked closely as I hiked, checking for Cougar tracks!😼
One lone deer was headed up to the ridge top.
Well if the deer is safe, for the moment Silvertop is as well!☺️
Liz stayed home, and made Silvertop a Latte, she is still feeling a bit under the weather……….
The Mrs has been wanting to put up our Christmas tree. Before posting tonight, Liz picked the location and we set it up!🤗
“While you are at work tomorrow, I will bring all the Christmas ornament tubs down from the garage attic Liz!”🥰
For tonight we plugged in the tree……..
All the bulbs lit up………🤗
“Nice Liz!!”🥰
We are finished for today!
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I am so done with this bug!!! Thank you for helping with the tree, honey! Can I stay home from work tomorrow, please? 🙏❤️😘😻🤗🎄

Absolutely, I will go down and sell glasses!!😍😇😁

I doubt you'd sell much, lol! Thanks honey!🤗😘💞

Advent started last Sunday, yay!!!
Two trees went up last Sunday, the third one in the family room will be this Sunday!
Make sure you take a photo!

That's awesome @silversaver888 , it sounds very festive around your home!😀🤗
Tomorrow we start putting on the ornaments, we have to be careful with the glass ornaments.....Cot is very mischievous Lol!!😇🙄😍

Does Cot or Kyle ever jump on the tree? I hope not!

Lol..... when Cot was a baby, he would crawl under the tree and chew on the LED lightbulbs!😳
The ones that came with this tree, are plastic LEDs, instead of the glass.....
But chewing plastic is really bad ,and can be dangerous, thankfully he stopped doing this @silversaver888 !😇

I noticed the new look of Actifit wallet. Hehe.
Do you do Futures trading?

I tend to stay away from future trading, I think you can get burned really bad, markets can turn on a dime similar to FTX...

I see. So you do Spot trading, on Binance?

I use Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, and Coinex sometimes the prices can be better from one to the other!!😀

I see. I use Poloniex, KuCoin, Probit, and Binance. I don't like Ionomy because the fee is quite high. Although on Probit, the liquidity isn't that much. It will take some time for your coin to be bought or sold.

You are very correct about Ionomy my friend, I tried using this trading platform a while back and the fees are very high!!!

Yeah! It hurts actually. Higher than Probit, Polo, even Binance. It's disappointing since it's not among the top exchanges.


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