"HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU"!😀............. Actifit Report Card: November 27 2022

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“Here’s looking at you!”😊
Black and white photography was an art form……. It still is!😊
When I was a kid, I had my own fully equipped darkroom.
I was always amazed to watch a sheet of white photographic paper slowly develop before my eyes into a detailed photograph!😊
With todays iPhones capable of capturing stunning color photos, the art of film is all but forgotten…….
We snap hundreds or even thousands of high quality digital photos……….
Then we delete what we don’t like!😮
I have boxes of old photos from years past.
With my iPhone, I find myself deleting dozens of photos when my iPhone gets too full ……….
I was up to 4,000 photos on my iPhone SE 2020 !😳
At last count I had erased almost half!😲
All these memories are lost……….
I haven’t figured out how to “Fix” this yet…..
I can move all these photos to the “Cloud”, or to an external hard drive, but realistically I probably will never search through these photos!😲
So today Silvertop’s post is a tribute to monochrome!😊
To the beautiful shades of gray, and black, that at one time was what you viewed on TV…….. and photos!😇
Remember ………..
“Not everything is black and white”!😊
Have a wonderful Sunday, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Black and white can also be 'kinder' to you too! 😊

Although, Phoenix looks good no matter what!


Great black n white shots, some years back that's all we got in terms of pics. So glad that technology has brought us some colour. You can't be stuck in the old mode anymore, change is definitely inevitable. Thank you for sharing and wishing you a great new week ahead :}

Thanks @practicaleric , I was looking for a way to get creative and came up with the black and white post!😀
So nice to be able to snap dozens or hundreds of photos and not pay for film or developing! Have a wonderful week ahead as well take care!!😀


Black and white is also nice. That first photo looks quite scary though. Hehe

I thought that was very interesting, I found this on the gate of one of my neighbors homes. Not sure why he would put this on his gate?

Probably to scare anyone who approaches? Hehe

I never thought of that you could be very correct, maybe he did not want visitors lol!🙄

Yeah. He must be a loner. Lol

He does live alone, he's a bachelor. Just recently he got himself an apartment in town I think he is moving....

I see. I don't think I could live alone like that though.