ONE LAST MORNING WALK GIRL!😀.......... Actifit Report Card: November 26 2022

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One last morning walk girl🥰
Liz was still sleeping as I reached for Phoenix’s leash……….
Holding my IPhone I got a text…….
“We are on flight number two”!😊
I’m not sure where the time went. Has three weeks with our “Grand-dog already passed?
I really didn’t expect to get attached to this short legged furry little girl!🥰
We are happy to see Bill and Agi flying back home, but today is sad as well…….
“Did you already take Phoenix out!”😊
I did some research while you were sleeping on
I found their flight in progress, check out the flight path!
They will be landing about 11:30 AM at seaTac!🥰
“Phoenix make sure you take your Mom and Dad hiking when you get home Lol!”
“They aren’t getting any younger Lol!”🥰
“We will come down to see you for Christmas, and bring you lots of yummy cake, and candy, and Pizza Lol!”😇
“Just don’t tell your Mom and Dad!”🥰
Cot and Cyle, will be looking to see where the “Dog” is ………………….
It will take a bit to realize Phoenix has gone home.
I guess it will take some time for it to sink in for Silvertop and Liz as well………….
“Take care of your Mom and Dad Phoenix!”🥰
Be sure to check out @elizabethbit post for today’s family reunion with Phoenix, and her Mom and Dad!😍
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It's been a bittersweet day for sure! So glad to have them sad to see Phoenix go home. I always get too attached! 😢 Now I find myself getting ready to take her outside........but she's not here! It looks too empty in the livingroom without her crate and all of her beds! Her toys scattered all over and of course feeding her!

I do know that no little doggie package could have emitted any more joy than she did, when she saw mom and dad! She was ecstatic!

Glad I still have you honey! 🤗😘💞

Wow, so many travelers! I haven't seen so many people for so long! Hmmm... not a single one wearing mask!
Good bye, Phoenix!!!

Our son and his wife would not come in our home when they got up here to pick up Phoenix ..
Bill said too many people ......we had to hand all the doggy equipment through the door ,no hugs today @silversaver888 !
We will make up for it at Christmas we're going down to see them and spoil Phoenix!!😍

Yay! 🤗
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Excellent new updates to the tokens wallet page for HiveEngine I love the graphs!!!
Thank you again for reading and supporting my post, I hope you're having a great Sunday take care!😇

Thank you!

You'll surely missing Phoenix by now.
The airport is packed with many people!

Way too many people my friend, too much humanity!😀

Oh yeah! It seems they be meeting with families.

I think I read that Thanksgiving behind Christmas, is one of the most traveled holidays of the year !😀

Yeah. Many Filipinos go to their hometown, or immigrants go back to their home country.

Do you put up a Christmas tree, if so what kind of tree do you use in the Philippines?