My Actifit Report Card: August 12 2022

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Watch out for that tree!!😳
More firewood…………..
Yesterday the timber loggers took down one of Silvertop’s trees, today I started chainsawing the larger felled logs into firewood rounds!😊
“You have lots of trees Silvertop!”😲
Yes I do, and just cutting up the few trees that come down, or MUST come down keeps Silvertop busy!😅
Take a look at the first photo, do you see that somewhat smaller one in the background……. The one that is dangerously leaning to the left?
That’s Silvertop’s project for today, to cut this tree into firewood rounds!
If/when this tree came down it would have taken out power lines.
You can see in the fourth photo that the center of this tree was rotten, it was a good call to take it down!😲
Cutting and rolling these heavy logs even on the ground can be hazardous……..
A ten foot section of this tree was rolling downhill into Silvertop’s creek, and unfortunately I stopped it with my calf of my leg!😬
That’s going to leave a mark!😮
My youngest son called about that time, to talk, and let me know he is going night fishing this weekend.
“Bill be careful!”🥰
“You as well Dad, working with that chainsaw!”
Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend!!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Stopping the tree with your calf is almost the equivalent of trying to stop a car from rolling by jumping in front of it! Not such a good thing!! 😳😳😳

I'm glad you were okay! You could have laid in the creek until I came home hours later!

But seriously, dear, you can't stop a moving car with your body nor trees rolling downhill! Please be careful!!! 🤗😘❤️🤕

Yes Dear....😍😇

Ouch!!! That must be painful!
How sweet of your son!
How often do your sons call, @silvertop ?

Our youngest usually calls about once a week or so @silversaver888. It's strange, when one son calls the other son usually calls the same day Lol!
I talked to Bill for one and one half hours this morning, (before chainsaw Lol), and our oldest son Michael almost two hours this afternoon!🤣
Wow.... Silvertop needs a hike Lol!