My Actifit Report Card: June 30 2022

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I lost two disc golf discs today. Both were on forehand throws on the difficult eighteen-hole course I like to play.

One disc was on an easy throw that I was not expecting to have any issues with but I threw it too high and the wind caused it to drift out into the rough. I was very disappointed to lose the disc because it had become one of my favorite discs for a lot of mid-distance throws. It was just starting to get beat-in nicely and flying farther.

I lost the other disc on hole six on a throw I was expecting to have problems with. I intentionally brought along a disc that I was not particularly fond of but knew was likely to be able to go the distance. It was on my shelf for a long time so I threw it a few times to remember how it flew. When I stepped up to throw it one hole six I hesitated a bit because I thought it flew better than I remembered and I wasn't sure if I wanted to lose it.

Not having confidence in your throw is the best way to make a mistake in disc golf and sure enough, the throw was not good. It hit a tree and disappeared into some underbrush.

I'm thinking about heading back out to the course with a rake in the morning. I might be able to get at least one of the discs back. I'd like to find the Wrath disc before the tournament on Monday because of how much I have been using it recently. I don't think it is more than five feet away from the fairway but tall grass can be difficult to find discs in.

After searching today for discs I was tired out and almost lost another disc on hole thirteen where I lost the Wrath disc. Luckily I found my disc after a fairly short search but I decided I had best not finish the round the way I was playing at that point.

Hole five was nicely mowed today:

This view is looking back towards the tee pad. Blue sky and gentle breeze with a perfect temperature.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.
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It's a shame you saw your favorite disc. . hopefully the disc can be found again. thank you for sharing.

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even if you have lost your disk and found it again, the golf course view is very clean and very beautiful, but looks a little hot in the sun

the view of this golf course looks very beautiful, especially when it is photographed very well and looks cool...

Keep the spirit even if you lose your favorite dist.
It may be an experience to be successful in the future.

The scenery is really very beautiful. And you always display super beautiful photos for us to see

Hopefully in the future you will be more careful in playing it

it looks like the weather is the same there as here, here today is also very clear the sky looks very blue.