My Actifit Report Card: June 29 2022

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I have to admit to searching for discs a bit longer than I have been accustomed to lately. I was playing a difficult eighteen-hole course since my usual favorite course has become un-playable on account of all the mosquitoes. On the plus side, I found all my wayward throws and I found two more discs (Note to self - stay on fairway next time.)

I found a Destroyer and a Heat disc on the course. I called the owner on both discs and the Destroyer is mine. The Heat disc is lost from someone with a Florida number. It will be a bit of an issue to get it back to him if he still lives there and wants it back.

Interestingly, the Heat disc was about five feet away from my Witness disc on hole six. I had taken the Witness disc along because it was a disc I did not care as much about. It had gotten very flippy and was even uncontrollable as a roller. It turned over way too much on hole six. I think that the person who lost the Heat disc might have had a similar experience because the flight numbers on that disc are almost the same as the Witness.

I may end up giving both these discs away if I don't hear back from the other owner. I don't tend to bag Destroyer discs even though I like them okay. (This one is a bit heavy for my liking.) The Heat disc is probably going to be too understable, although I have not tried throwing it yet.

Even though I was having some issues hitting the fairway today I did end up with a +16 score that was a couple of points better than the last time I played the course.

One of those wild rabbits around here:

Rabbit bites can be dangerous, lol. (Anyhow, the picture was modified from the software on my smartphone.)

A flicker on top of the disc golf basket:

I ended up with a bogey on this basket but I got a picture of a birdie. It's a northern flicker or a type of woodpecker.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.
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Nice job in finding the discs. Maybe if the Florida guy wants it back, he should pay you the postage. Awesome job with your 10403 @actifit steps today. Cute rabbit! Take care!

He has not returned my call as yet. Somehow I don't think he is really interested or something. The number was a bit hard to read so it might not be the right person.

Oh well; that must mean it's yours! Take care and enjoy the weekend!

I like seeing your photography, my friend, thank you for entertaining us all.

I like the rabbit, it's a good photo.

I'm always amazed by the area around there, there are still many wild animals that live, in contrast to my area there are no wild rabbits here, your bird shots are also amazing, the bird looks a little tame

I do not know much about disk goalf so I do not understand the big answer already. However, I would like to say that I photographed the rabbit. One is just like a drawn painting.

This wild rabbit is very beautiful, especially when taken with a technique with a good angle so that it looks very cool...

It's so beautiful looking rabbits, they also look cute and beautiful


The flicker has a nice pattern! I don't see too many of them up close and personal. Or I may just not recognize them.

Rabbits bite? Perhaps domesticated, but, I didn't know wild ones do!

It is quite challenging keeping up with all of those discs you find! Do you get a lot of people calling you for lost ones? I think that is awesome that you track each other down! They are so easy to lose.

Great steps! You are picking up the pace! I have been truly missing from here. I had a pipe burst in the house (actually the toilet hose burst!) and so many rooms of ceilings/carpets/tile pulled out. They are finished putting in new insulation, three rooms with partial ceilings, and a whole paint job on 5 rooms in the house, including new tile in the bathroom (they may have to replace the shower tiles if they cannot match/find the tile.

pulled the carpet and pad in the one-bedroom and walk-in closet may need to replace the whole upstairs to keep the flow and matching. I could go on and on, but why? It is getting done and it is not by me!

I have been searching for the tile as the shower and the floor are a matching pair. eyeroll It is going to be ready to sell when I finish! Kidding! :)

Didn't you see Monty Python and the Holly Grail? Rodent bites can be very dangerous, LOL.

Actually not many people call on the lost discs. Sometimes I leave messages and people don't call back. If someone is interested though they are very happy to get discs back.

That's too bad about the broken pipe. Were you home at the time or was it something that leaked while you were gone? I always worry about something like that happening when I'm off somewhere else. I suppose it would not take long to have a big mess even if you were just out shopping or something when the pipe broke.

I hope things get all fixed up fine for you.

Beutiful pictures.

wow, what a beautiful picture of a rabbit you photographed. he looks oblivious when you take his picture.

I have several Destroyers.. including a $60 tye-dye Calvin Heimburg.. I can't throw any of them accurately

I have six of them now. Mostly I just look at them. If I am feeling good I can throw them okay but I usually throw the Sword disc for that type of throw if I can find them. Destroyers are not very accurate for me either.