Look Dad!............My Actifit Report Card: January 29 2023

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Look Dad! No hands! 🐶

Our youngest and his wife went ice fishing and skating. Phoenix loves the ice! Take a look at this next photo as she’s released!

She is light as a feather on her little doggie feet!

‘Skating with Mom’!

And then she decided she wanted some shaved ice!

Silly girl!🐶

Our day started early again at church. We are still fine tuning Facebook live audio. I ran that while @silvertop did the house sound. I can say that the Facebook live is going pretty good. I’ve got it so all of the instruments and vocals can be heard. It is run pre DPS, so it’s independent from the house sound. Our church is so small that if we put a mic on the drums and the piano, it would be so loud that no one would stay in the sanctuary. However, running the way we’ve got it set, allows me to mic the drums for Facebook but leave them out of the house mix. Same for the piano. In a bigger church, you could get away with mic-ing everything, but not here.

After church, we rested for a bit and then set out for a hike. Jan came with. We decided to head up the High Trail and then check on Keith and Lynne’s house as they are down California way. I got some interesting eye candy for you.

All in all, a very good day! Tomorrow brings another round of coffee roasting. This batch is headed to Portland, Oregon.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy the week ahead! Please continue to pray for 🇺🇦


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I didn't know dogs could skate on their bare paws or even liked ice. Phoenix sure is having a good time, looks so curious about everything there.

What's that Sis in 5th frame, something jelly whitish on the road?

Sounds a brilliant Sunday.

Let's hope this new week brings us more great news. Love yous🤗😍❤️😘🤗

Hey there sis, @queenstarr! The 5th picture is of a frozen puddle with an interesting spiral design in it. Actually, there were several like it all around. Interesting how water freezes.

I could use a week of good news! I hope you have the most fantastic week ever sweet sis! Love ya much!🤗💜🤗😘🤗💜🤗


Looks like someone had lots of fun, and I bet a heavy sleep after. (I'm talking about Phoenix here 😁)

Probably all of them, lol!

Looking at the photos is giving me chills, Winter is lingering and I'm already looking forward to warmer weather. I hope you enjoyed a sunny Monday @elizabethbit

Well.......it started out sunny, but quickly changed to cloudy and cold! Unfortunately, winter isn't done with us yet, sis! They're now calling for snow, but I'm not really worried about it. I'd like just a little warmer weather please along with some sunshine!

I hope you had a wonderful day today, @kerrislravenhill ! Take care and have a great Tuesday! Much love!🤗😘💜 !LADY

I love Phoenix!
Do you think I'll ever have another dog?
If I wanted to hear you sing, may I be provided with the Facebook Link?
I couldn't find the first one you sent me.

Hey sis! We are leading in 3 weeks and if the Facebook live is going well, I'll send you a link. I am fine tuning the other worship team, but I can't lead worship and fine tune our sound, lol. If it turns out, I'll send a link then. If not, I'll go and find an older link before all the new equipment.

As for a dog......yes, you will, but when you are ready. It's never easy especially after the loss of a beloved pet(s), as part of you feels as if you are trying to replace your loved one (which no new pet does as they are their own 'person'), you feel you are betraying your pets that are not of this world any longer, and it might make you just plain sad as well.

Some years ago, I lost my Coreyb to kidney failure. He was a Manx kitty that was more human than cat in personality and my baby. I was completely devastated. A couple of months after he passed, I had to go through knee surgery and it was a tough time. (I went back to work too soon) August of that year came and I was on vacation. I remember sitting on the swing in the back looking up at the sky and telling God that I so needed a kitty! I got up and for some reason went out front to find a mama cat with her baby. She looked at me and left but left her little kitten. He was wild, and his story is too long to add to this, but suffice it to say that God answered my request that day and that is how Cyle came to be here.

Anyway, yes eventually, when the timing is right, you will find a dog to be your pet. Love ya much sis! Hugs and kisses!🤗😘💞🌸🤗