The Best Laid Plans🙄.........My Actifit Report Card: January 21 2023

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The best laid plans………..

Today dawned grey, cold, and rainy. I had had high hopes of getting up to Towhee Ridge and looking for mossy and ‘shrooms. Alas it was not to be.

I started running some laundry and organizing a side of my kitchen counter I’d not gotten to thus far. I had an objective-I was going to set up my Echo.

I’d gotten exposed to a Google device and decided I kind of liked it, but didn’t like the price tag. This Echo is not the latest, but it’s also not the oldest and was very affordable. I plugged it in and it began setting up.

The nice thing about this is that it has a shutter that allows you to block the camera lens. 😁 I set it up in the kitchen so I could use it there. I can get the weather simply by asking for it or set an alarm or timer. It streams music and more. I’ve got some exploring to do with it, but @silvertop needed to run to Bellingham for some electrical parts. We left and since we were there, I needed to go to Cash-N-Carry for some items

See @silvertop’s post for shopping pics! We got home we’ll after dark and the first thing I did was pull some espresso for myself. Yum!😋

Tomorrow morning earlier than usual, we will head to church to try to fix Facebook Live’s audio and set some mics up so the folks who watch it can hear some of the audio they miss out on by not being there.

Here’s a nice sunset from a previous hike.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and have a blessed Sunday! Please continue to pray for 🇺🇦


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Nice one
I hope you enjoyed service today?
Dear friend i have been wanting to ask you a question tho
How do you add more than 10 tags my peakd, ecency or leofinance allow me to add only 10 tags 🥺😪

The service was interesting; best explanation is to read today's post. In answer to your question, posting from my phone app for actifit. Take care my lovely friend!🤗💜

Okay dear friend

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Is that an Echo 5 or 8?
A beautiful sunset, sis!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Thanks sis! It is a 5.🤗😘💖🌸

What is that Echo device for? I saw something like that but I didn't check what is it for.

It is an Amazon Alexa device that you can ask questions to; order product on by voice command; ask the weather; stream music; set alarms and timers. All kinds of things I haven't even tried yet. For me, it's a kitchen companion. You can also use the camera to check on your house when you're away, but I have the camera shutter shut for privacy. I don't care for the thought that it can see you if you don't.

Cool. Yeah, better without the camera. Can it play videos too?

It can, indeed! I know there's more to it yet, so I will slowly figure it out. I've got work tomorrow and for the next 3 days, so my time to play with it will be limited.

Cool. I actually saw that one when I'm searching for a tablet to buy. That one I skipped.