Water Is Always Better When.......My Actifit Report Card: November 29 2022

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Water is always better when……………it comes from your dog cousin’s, Phoenix, water dish!

More on that in a minute………

Hey guys and thanks 🙏 for stopping by today! 😎😻👍

Yes, Cot loved to claim Phoenix’s water 💦 dish, when she was here. It’s even better when you dip your paw 🐾 in and drink off of that! I personally think he was just making sure she knew who was king 👑 of the house! 🏡 🤣

I’m still under the weather 🤧 today; at one point, felt the worst I’ve felt since the onset of this little bug came on Saturday. It’s been very cold and blustery here; temperatures hovering in the upper 20’s F with wind. I had to go to the post office and then to the local grocery to find cold meds I couldn’t find yesterday. That outing was enough to tell me I did not need to hike in the cold. So, as @silvertop headed up the road for a hike , I began some serious fast paced pacing indoors.

It’s been a good day for our wood 🪵 stove. Can you feel the heat?

We also set up the Christmas tree 🎄 but decorating will happen on another evening.

I got this nifty little thing from Amazon today. I have an induction burner. I also have a butane burner as well since I’m presently without a stove. Butane has become outrageously priced and I refuse to pay $15 for what I was paying $7.50 last year! (No-of course there’s no inflation!). However, not all of my cookware, specifically my teapot, is useable on induction burners. It got me to thinking that surely by now, someone has come up with a solution. They did! For about $10, I got this induction diffuser, which has solved my problem! It has a detachable handle so you can remove it without getting seriously burned.

It works beautifully! I like my little teapot and didn’t want to purchase a second one that was induction friendly. Now, I can use anything that isn’t set up for induction on it! Nice!

Tomorrow begins my workweek. It might be a long day; I hope it goes quickly. They’re calling for snow tonight, but I’m thinking it won’t amount to much. If it does, that’s okay; I’m ready!

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and please continue to 🙏 for 🇺🇦

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I hope you will feel better for tomorrow, if not, why not take a day off?
Tell Cot he has always been king, hehehe!

Taking a day off isn't really possible for me unfortunately. Nobody and I seriously mean nobody, does what I do. It was a fully loaded day and had I not gone, no insurance would have been verified; no patients would have been happy and absolutely no orders for their glasses or contacts would have been placed. We are an office of 4 with only 3 on Wednesdays and Fridays. My helper on those two days varies between his mom and sister in law.

It is said that it is not good to have all your eggs in one basket, and unfortunately for my boss (and me) I'm his 'egg'!

I'm better, but add my usual head-banger headache on to my cold-let's just say it wasn't a good combo!

Love ya sis!🤗😘💞🌸

Cot is now the king of the house.

He always was, lol! He's such a funny boy!

Yeah. Animals do have some funny qualities too.


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