Three different midge orchids - Ku-ring Gai Chase NP : February 3 2023

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Steaming up for a hot day. The morning went by the normal way - update overnight investing - pottered around the garden a bit. Just could not get moving - too hot to ride. Walked the dog

Took the car to visit far side of Ku-ring Gai Chase NP - fringed midge orchid seen last week is now open

Photo work was hard in the wind and the bright sun

Spider has caught a butterfly - wraps it up and eat later

View from the other side

Bonnet orchid in a new spot

Banksia bud emerging

Rupp's midge orchid also in a new spot - in a grassy area

Zoomed in

Darker version one plant away

Zoomed in

As close up as phone would allow

This is what they look like when they start to go to seed

Dipodium variegatum

A cicada husk before it starts to fade

Large tongue orchid - cryptostylis subulata - the last days

The mission for the day achieved - brittle midge orchid - genoplesium baueri

Close up - an endangered orchid - one of 13 sites. Only one plant flowering this year.

Stepped back photo

Spider grevillea

A different view of a Rupp's midge orchid - yellow tips

Going to dig into the books to pin down ID. The yellow tips have me confused

This is the other style growing right next door


Everything else looks the same

In all a good walk - 5 orchids open

Friend come over to stay for weekend - turned into a long night

Dinner: Mongolian beef - new recipe did not work out the way the photos said. Tasted fine

Trade action: Bought more DBK.DE averaging down

And a photo came in from my son - my granddaughter at 3 months

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Daily Activity, Gardening, House Chores, Photowalking


Excellent photographs and you really have a wonderful garden...

Thanks. The bush around where we live is special


Thank you very much for sharing a great report, have a nice day

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