web3 gaming progress update February 3 2023

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This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.

By the way, if you know any good or decent even web3 games just let me know I am looking for new ones all the time.

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So with new soul-bound rewards cards, I have noticed two things. There are very good bots playing, as I am still in Silver 3 and it seems I have been beaten by some frequently. It might also mean that I am not a very good player( that means I do not have all the best cards available).

Second, is the drop in daily players in the game. You can go to https://peakmonsters.com/dashboard and see the number of battles for the past 3 days, which correlate with a current season star, the number of daily battles has at least halved.

Fewer bots also mean that my rent is like 50 DEC per day, which is very low. I have a feeling that card prices will drop soon. I also hope that this will not kill the game but time will tell.


the season will end today. I have harvested what I can, I opened my quest box which was good and now I need to wait.

MY plan and charcoal are waiting for a good buyer which means I will not buy the required resources for the Furnace any time soon.


I got one Studen debt which was converted into something, which I will check after the game will stop being in maintenance mode. My power is slowly catching up to my SIM and I am still buying 1k5 SIM per days so I can have some resources to buy new cards,

Rising Star

I should get to level 79 today, but it does take ages to gain a level. I think I need to do some calculations about what is quicker, to run one long mission or a lot of short ones.

I am on target with my 2k per day but I am not even close to getting 20k like last week. This is sad as I would like to put another 20k into music promotion to allow me to gain 1 or 2 StarPro.


So slow progress continues. The funny thing is that my StartDom has been transferring to my wallet. I am starting to think that there is no internal wallet for stardom and all of them are paid to HIVE Wallet directly, but I need to test is.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

I am also a Hive Witness, please consider voting for me
as well as
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