Proposal for the Support of Actifit - Hive's Flagship Move2Earn Dapp

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Actifit Background

Actifit is one of the first dapps built on top of hive. We have been running for more than 4.5 years now on Hive as our core blockchain, with 260+ Daily Active Users (DAUs) and 600+ Monthly Active Users (MAUs). We have practically been pioneers in social crypto move2earn, prior to all the hype that started several months back, with the launch of several large-scale VC-backed move2earn projects including Step N, Jump N, name a few.

Actifit comes with a unique set of features and differentiators from other players in the market. The basic idea for actifit is auto-tracking your steps, and posting via actifit app to earn rewards. The ecosystem has grown massively, with tons of features throughout the years, and a major android app revamp in the last few months.

Actifit has always been community-focused. Our vision since the beginning has been two-fold:

  • Changing lives: Helping our users live a healthier lifestyle
  • Help Hive strive: Bringing hive to the masses as the ultimate web3 experience.

For the above purposes, we have been continuously building and developing actifit across our different platforms, including web, android and ios.
We are humbled with the amount of life-changing stories we read on actifit content, as Actifit provides users the means to improve their lives and earn by tracking their day-to-day activity.

Actifit On Hive

We have always envisioned hive as a much bigger platform than a blogging portal, more so a hub to build and grow dapps, which is one of the main reasons we kicked off actifit on hive.
Actifit runs on hive as its core blockchain. Meaning, you are required to have a hive account to use actifit. All your posts, activity tracking, rewards, custom transactions are validated by using the hive blockchain.

Actifit community on hive is among the top communities in subscribers (7,000+), active users (600+), and interactions (6,500+).


Actifit has always been supportive of hive and projects built on top, but also vocal in promoting hive, especially on social media.
We have also been running our actifit hive witness for several years now. We take part in testing out hard forks prior to being released.
We continuously support new initiatives on hive, and collaborate with other projects.
We are one of the earlier adopters of hive-engine, we helped testing out the second-layer chain prior to release of block production and run several nodes of witness and api accordingly.
We also take part and support initiatives lead by @threespeak and collaborated by @disregardfiat (honeycomb), including dlux/spk network/ragnarok.
Currently, actifit supports fully on hive:

  • a web-based hive front end for actifit content, including full hive content support and functionality (posting, voting, comments,...)
  • a front-end wallet support for hive & hive-engine and limited mobile wallet.
  • an account creation service for actifit/hive.
  • a referral system for signups

We also run a large infrastructure for actifit and hive services which amounts to 20+ servers covering below aspects, and which we are continuously growing, currently covering:

  • hive witness server
  • hive seed server
  • hived full node api server
  • hive-engine witness server
  • hive-engine full node api server
  • spk network validator server
  • ragnarok validator server
  • image hosting server + proxy image server for actifit user content images on hive
  • notification server for actifit content on hive (posts, comments, rewards, ...)
  • several bot servers/services (reward cycles, tipping, voting, ...)
  • several api + database (offchain) servers for actifit specific content

2023 Plans

We are deploying this DHF funding proposal as our first DHF proposal to help actifit grow further and faster. Being part of a social web3 blockchain as unique as hive, and being a community-funded move2earn project is a key differentiator in the market, compared to other VC backed projects as mentioned above.
Actifit team currently has 12 members, with duties covering product planning, development, abuse detection, curation, moderation, support, social media and business development.
Our core development has mostly been handled by @mcfarhat, with assistance at times by hired part time resources. Yet due to cost being inhibitive, and the current market situation, we could not maintain long term commitment for additional resources. We want to push in that direction with your help, so that we can better afford growing actifit bigger and faster, while continuing to offer and expanding our hive focused services.

We are proponents of open source, and our code base has always been and will always be open source and can be found on github
We believe Actifit has all the great components as a leading move2earn social project, and this ties massively to growth on hive, similarly to how splinterlands has grown, and hopefully other hive initiatives (@threespeak, @leofinance, ...) will.

Below is a highlight of some of our plans for the upcoming year:

  • Create a new social engagement experience on both web and mobile completely built on hive.
  • Implement full hive blogging support (increasing our front-end support).
  • Introduce new signup/account creation options.
  • Improve wallet experience (already in progress on web, pending on mobile)
  • Integrate other hive login options
  • Improve web and mobile UX/UI experience.
  • Integration/collaboration with more hive projects & initiatives (planned for now integration and support for 3speak shorts, posh tweet rewards, and leo threads to name a few).
  • Integrate new wearable support to actifit sync.
  • Revamp of iOS actifit version
  • Additional infrastructure deployment & growth, particularly focused in support of hive and underlying projects.
  • Conceptualize and kick-off implementation of Teams & Challenges to actifit.
  • Hive RPC control and Testnet support under actifit web.
  • Dashboard for node monitoring and availability status for hive and actifit API nodes.
  • Implement new gamification concepts for actifit.
    and much more...

Requested Funding

We are looking to get funding to help cover the items highlighted above. As a breakdown:

  • Current infrastructure cost (400$ monthly)
  • Devops cost (600$ monthly)
  • Developers cost (web, android, ios: 3 x 1,700$ monthly)
  • Graphics cost (800$ monthly)
    We are therefore looking at a monthly asking of 6,900$, which equates to 230 HBD per day across year 2023.
    Please note that we have used a very conservative calculation trying not to overload DHF, on the basis to cover some of the needed costs.
    As we usually do, we will provide continuous updates on our progress and growth.
    If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas, we are more than happy to discuss..Actifit has only grown based on community feedback.

Support This Proposal

Actifit Links

Thank you for your trust and your support!


I remain supportive 💪

Supported. Good luck @actifit

What's the business model of actifit? How do you plan to make it self-sustainable?

hey @engrave,
Thank you for your question. Actifit monetization model relies on below ideas, some of which are currently functional, others which are planned down the road:

  • Actifit Market: Actifit offers a market place, whereby virtual gadgets offered by actifit are sold to users, which add to the gamified experience of the user and enable more rewards to users/friends. Those are offered for AFIT and/or HIVE payment. Additionally, the market features real products which can be bought, and services offered by fitness professionals (limited at the time), of which actifit takes a percentage cut.
  • Ads: We started running ads a while back on actifit's web and mobile (android only for now). We also plan to launch premium paid ad-free service.
  • Gamification/Tournaments: We have large plans for reinvisioning actifit gamified experience, and this involves more NFT-style gadgets similar to the current ones on the market and that can be expanded. Additionally, introducing tournaments/challenges could involve payments/subscriptions to create and take part in tournaments.
  • Signups: While we currently charge minimal fees for user signup (2$), we intend to offer different levels of signups for users, ranging from completely free, to high end user with added benefits and perks.
    Hope the above answers your question, and if you have any further questions we're happy to assist.

You got my vote!

I love actifit, and it really does a lot to benefit this platform. However you are treating this proposal like a transaction. You go into all the ways that you serve this platform, only to use that as leverage to support your overinflated budget.

Asking for an exact amount each day is kind of like using the platform like an ATM. I agree with the commenter who asked about self sustainability. Ideally actifit should be structured to eventually and one day support itself.

There are smoother ways to ask for financial support. Even just framing it as a goal instead of a request changes the tone. Seeing as actifit still has a lot of room for improvement, this might justify that budget to some degree. But either way this isn't the way to write a proposal. I am sorry if that is harsh.


'I love actifit, and it really does a lot to benefit this platform." and then "You go into all the ways that you serve this platform, only to use that as leverage to support your overinflated budget" both are contradicting. That's how proposal format is and you can check it here DHF Proposal. Contributions to the platform must be explained as per format.

I don't think this project needs to request anything. Been following Actifit since 3 years and results are blockchain. There are 1000s of user testimonials and Actifit is one of the most used front-ends of Hive Blockchain-Hive Front end Stats

Ideally actifit should be structured to eventually and one day support itself

I agree with this point. Plans of Actifit as shared above are very much inline with this according to me. We need more features, development on Actifit which attracts more users to make it one of the best DAPPS. Hence I think this funding would be helpful for all M2E enthusiasts here on Hive Blockchain. And No one cannot use DHF like ATM, At any moment if voters remove their votes funding stops. You get funding continuously only when you deliver as committed. DHF is a full proof system. No one can tweak it.

Thank you @fitbee for your feedback, we love having you as well, and appreciate all feedback.
@travelfreako responded with a great clarification about how the DHF functions on hive, probably you do not have much details about its innerworkings, but this is how proposals are built on hive and how funding is dispatched. You need to set a daily budget, and funds are sent out as long as community is happy, is voting for the proposal and it's above threshold.
In terms of sustainability, we have been self-sustained for 4.5 years now. We applied for the DHF as our first time this year, as we want to push efforts even further and up the game for faster development and growth with more resources. In reality, our budget is really quite humble and barely covers what is needed to run things and grow at actifit. Not sure you're familiar with developers'/resources' costs, but they are through the roof. You can also check what other proposals' budgets are for a quick comparison check here.
We covered in our prior comment some of the items in play for self-sustainability, as well as others planned. We have additional plans beyond current scope for future growth, including the actifit DeFi concept and few others. We continuously brainstorm for fresh and innovative ideas, and community has been great help in sharing ideas and bringing actifit to where it is now.

I don't claim to know the inner workings. How could anyone from my perspective possibly see things in the same way? It is end user vs developer. But it might be useful in the future to consider all demographics when writing for the public. Your proposal is out there for anyone to read, with background in blockchain terminology or not.

I do appreciate your response and consideration on this topic, and for the value you continue to bring us. I am looking forward to learning more about this place under the surface, but at my own pace. I am not entirely sure the end user needs to know absolutely everything since we are mostly here to focus on and provide the content. Who else are you creating for? But at the same time we are supposed to have trust that everything is operating with integrity.

I think there is a divide here. Between the people who build the infrastructure, and those who choose to use it. I have noticed other examples of this across Hive and wish there were some way to bridge the two. Using terminology that the average user would not be able to understand without hundreds of hours of reading, is not favorable to future growth.

Actifit might be the pioneer dapp but it cannot truly become as widely adopted as mainstream options unless they pivot more favorably towards the average user - not someone more with more technical insight.

P.S - Average user does not equal average intelligence. I think it all comes down to not assuming that all of your readers have access to the information within those 'inner workings'.

We agree there is definitely room to improve! User feedback such as yours helps close the gap.
Hopefully we were able to clarify.
Thanks again, and happy holidays!

Happy holidays! Thanks for reading my thoughts and feedback :)

Actifit is the best crypto project in the Universe. Voted.

Lola especially likes all the extra walks we take to reach 10,000 steps every day.


Lola is Love❤️❤️🐕🐕

Lola ❤️ @actifit

!LUV your positive attitude. Hope you'd get to be another Splinterlands with 100K+ DAU 💹

Actifit has inspired me to get off my butt and move around countless times. That is more valuable than any of the crypto rewards (though I don't mind those at all!)

You have my vote! <3

Supported. Good luck @actifit

Will sign my vote this afternoon after work.

For me i believe that such a project will sure change people’s life by incentivizing all people with all ages to have a healthy life style

Good Forward ⏩
Haven't you launch Actifit NFT?

Actifit already has NFTs. We call them virtual gadgets 😃

Can we sell or transfer gadgets of Actifit?


Kind of! It's not completely same kind of NFTs that we have in space right now. But you can get extra tokens in return for your virtual gadgets (NFTs). You cannot transfer virtual gadgets but there are some virtual gadgets which you can gift to your friends while buying.


Hey @golden.future, you just received 50 AFIT tip from @kpreddy!
For more info about tipping AFIT tokens, check out this link

Voted and done!


My blood sugar levels increased over last few years due to loose control on diet and lot of sitting. Actifit is one of my companions who has been helping me since so many years while I'm out or in office. No other dapp can do that. Still a long way to go. Such noble cause always deserves support and lot of fun is yet to come to Hive blockchain. Voted!

I can assure that Actifit changed my life. It makes me move more on a fun way. I always will be thankfully for this!!
You have my vote, of course.

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Credit: reddit
@actifit, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @palomap3

Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.
Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

Thats a nice progress 👍

When defi?

hey @cwow2
We have put defi on the backburner for a while now, as we do not want to simply reuse existing concepts of the current defi ecosystem. Their sustainability hasn't been up to par.
We are looking at launching defi once we have a more innovative and sustainable planned approach that is better than what is around currently across defi platforms.


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@palomap3(3/10) tipped @actifit (x1)

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I also voted for the latest proposal of @actifit. I believe in their vision. As actifit is in the #hive blockchain, I am also confident that it will be sustainable. I am hoping that actifit would also consider other 3rd party wearables which are widely used.

I look forward to more exciting upgrades. All the best!

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All that to only track steps? hmmmmm

It's great to see that Actifit is committed to continuously improving its infrastructure and services on the Hive blockchain. By doing so, Actifit is not only benefiting its own platform but also supporting the growth and development of the Hive ecosystem as a whole.

Hi Team!
I don't suppose you will be integrating Garmin watches any time soon?
It's what I've got and I would rather support Hive than having to buy yet another watch, like a supported Fitbit. 😉
Thanks! Keep it up!

nice i love it

hey, thank you for the question.
As highlighted in above post, we run our core transactions on hive only. Users are required to have a hive account to use actifit. Accounts on other chains are not optional.
We have been able to onboard lots of users over to hive based on this alone.
We do support crossposting to other chains, as a doorway for more rewards to users who so wish.
In essence, and if you go through above post, we support hive in so many ways and have been around for years. Have another look at the post in details to better understand our commitment to hive and the added value we provide.