Actifit Major Milestone: Buy Real Physical Products Using AFIT and/or HIVE!

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Actifit Major Milestone: Buy Real Physical Products Using AFIT and/or HIVE!

It is with great and utmost excitement that we share this news with you, a big milestone for Actifit which has been promised since Actifit initiation!

We have finally brought the capacity to purchase real physical products on Actifit Market, paying either 100% AFIT to cover the cost, or via 80% HIVE + 20% AFIT.

You can see the available products by visiting actifit market.


We are kicking off this functionality to the public today after several rounds of testing, and have included few fitness related products as part of initial kick off. More products will be made available down the road.

There are limited amounts of products being available to the market, and purchasing products requires having a minimum amount of 50,000 AFIT on your actifit wallet.

Some products have limited availability to geographic locations, but the cost would cover shipping fees as well.

The products are provided by 3rd parties, so actifit cannot be held responsible for the quality of the product, yet we will work with all our users to ensure their orders are successfully accomplished and delivered.
We have provided details pertaining to the products, including a short description, images, as well as quantity and color options wherever applies and is available.

Actifit team will actually be involved across all phases of the order requests. Once a user places an order, Actifit team will review, and place the order with the seller, following which product will have status updated and the user will receive a notification about the progress of the order.

You can monitor the status of your order as it moves from one stage to another.

As you are placing the order, please make sure to put in all details as accurately as possible so as we can properly initiate and follow up on the order

On the same market screen, and if you do not have enough AFIT on your wallet,
or just wish to buy some AFIT, you would be able to purchase additional AFIT tokens to your wallet at market price, according to AFIT live price on hive-engine market.

By purchasing via market, you will be saving costs of moving HIVE in/out of hive-engine. You have the capacity to purchase your needed AFIT, as long as you have enough HIVE in your account to cover the cost.

You simply set the AFIT amount, and the HIVE amount will dynamically be calculated. Eventually the resulting AFIT amount might differ (increase or decrease) depending on the exact market price at time of execution.

Again, we are very excited to bring this new capability to our amazing actifit community.
We will work on adding new products as we go forward, and except A LOT OF GREAT announcements from Actifit as we have several cool contests, partnerships, as well as new features and growth for actifit as we progress through the year!

Let's GO !!

Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

Support our witness on Hive, vote for us or set us as proxy on actifit profile, via peakd, or hive blog.

@actifit team


That's really interesting but I don't think I'll be able to get to 50k in a foreseeable future. Kudos to you for introducing another use case

Awesome hoping this will help on board some people to Hive and Actifit, I may just talk about this on my livestream.

This is incredible news! A HUGE congratulations to the entire @actifit team for making this happen! I didn’t realize that we were this close to developing this functionary so I’m excited to check it out!

Let’s all continue to innovate the future of health and fitness! Together we can continue to implement a world that values and rewards our active lifestyles! Every step we take in this direction reinforces the realization of that dream for me... keep on stepping everybody! 🙌

Thank you for all the support along the way !

Through thick or thin I’ll be there doing more and more of the same @mcfarhat! I see your vision and I coming along for the ride of a lifetime! You will always have my support. 🙌

This is superb and was long awaited. actifit lovers now have another solid reason to love fitness. awesome work @actifit

This is really great milestone achieved.

Nice, now I have a reason to get more Afit!

Nice to see this new option, great job!

This is indeed a major milestone in development of new features for Actifit! Well done team to make this happen! 👍

Super News ;-)

I have eager to buy it. Hopefully the product will be good enough.

Fantastic News! Congratulation and thank you to the whole @actifit team!
I ordered the resistance band right away!

Glad to have your order among the first ones!

It is my pleasure!

Very nice! Congratulations.

Fantastic 1.jpg

Congratulations on your consistency in pushing this community forward.

This is insanely amazing! :D


Great news for all of us!

Isn't it the real game changer project 😄💪?

We can see the amount of hardwork and commitment towards the project since the inception. I'm with @actifit forever. Ordered resistance band for myself.

Thanks @kpreddy !! Great to see you putting one of the first orders !

@actifit, I just want to know if these cool products have the logo of Actifit?

the current products do not, we do plan on having our own logo-based products along the way

Ok! Once there is stuff with Actifit logo I am going to buy some.

I suggest the breathable, Actifit workout thong.

loool don't see why not

Great, can't wait to get my hands on one of them, do you deliver them to Europe? 💪🏼

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if the country is available under options on checkout form, then yes

Sounds cool. I think I had some AFIT tokens from my previous Hive delegations. I'll see how to take advantage od the market.