Actifit DeFi Listed on Defistation! Join Us On HiveFest Friday & Saturday!

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Actifit DeFi Listed on Defistation

As we soft-launched Actifit DeFi last week, today we received official approval, following a review from the Defistation team, to be listed on their website as part of the DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain!

They have their own API for integrating more details onto our DeFi metrics, and we will be working on that down the road to ensure we get our data listed there.

We are also applying to other DeFi focused websites to ensure Actifit DeFi receives proper exposure!

We are here


Join Us On HiveFest Friday & Saturday!

The yearly Hive event is upon us!
This Friday and Saturday, Hivefest will be running with over 600 members of the hive community already registered.

We are happy to be joining (Virtual Reality of course lol), and we will be presenting info about Actifit & Actifit DeFi, past, present, and future!
Make sure to attend the presentation and enjoy the event!

Many other Hive projects will be presenting as well, so it should be a fun experience.

In support of this event, we donated 100 HBD as a thank you to @roelandp for his preparation effort for this fun treat!

We will be represented by @mcfarhat our founder. Look at his cool avatar lol.
See you there!



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Need a bit of help. Trying to move my AFIT tokens using the daily "Move AFIT to H-E" function, and noticed they are sending them to S-E instead. They're in my AFIT wallet. It would be awesome if you could fix that so that the tokens actually go to Hive-engine as it says. Thanks.

Hi @evernoticethat!

Ah! I got what you are saying. Can you please check your chain. As you can see my active chain is Hive. I think you are on Steem. That's why tokens are going on to S-E. If your chain is steem then change it to Hive and then try. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


No, active chain is Hive. The problem is at the website itself. I'm logged in under Hive. I just tested it again at the section "move AFIT daily to H-E" entered my amount (600) password and click "adjust amount" A little green box pops up at the top of the page on their site which says it's sending the AFIT to S-E even though I selected H-E. The issue is on their end, not mine. However 100 AFIT that I sent hours ago, did end up making it to H-E, so maybe the green box is some kind of glitch. I want my tokens to go through to H-E without problems.

You are right! Tokens will land at right place only but green message is incorrect. Sent this feedback to our developer team. Thanks for feedback!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. :)

Ok, let me try it myself. Will get back to you on this!

Watch for that little green box. It only pops up for a few seconds at the top of the screen, but says it's sending them to S-E even if you have Hive as the active chain.

Watched complete presentation @mcfarhat! Great one! We are going to be big in coming days😀💪. Look at tokens price on BSC. Flying like a rocket 🚀🚀🚀

BTW your avatar is cool😎😄😄