The lunch / Le déjeuner

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For lunch today the turmeric rice , the kids like it too much, why I prepared it for them , they enjoyed it .

Hii mate @mehmetfix , as you, I added a salad with many vegetables, it's easy to do and of course too healthy.

Pour le déjeuner, j'ai préparé du riz au curcuma, les enfants adorent ce plat,. Is l'ont beaucoup apprécié.

Hii amie @mehmetfix , comme vous , j'ai rajouté une salade variée, plusieurs légumes , facile à faire et bien sûr c'est bon pour la santé.


Mmmmm turmeric rice and salad. This is really perfect. I love turmeric rice and all dishes with turmeric.
Enjoy your meal.
Also, corn in salad is really delicious. You are a very good cook. 😊

I would like to thank my fingers.
I can always count on them

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Thank you friend, you Can add tuna , mayonnaise, I haven't them at home

Do you eat yogurt there? You can mix and add mayonnaise, yogurt and some spices. This way it will be perfectly delicious. 😊

It's true sometimes I add yoghurt, yeah it's delicious