## 82 and counting.... How are you so cool !! I still cannot understan ...

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82 and counting.... How are you so cool !!

I still cannot understand even after being a father.....your presence and assurance behind our back made me what I am today.

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Our parents are our roots, they give us life and keep us stable! We owe everything we have achieved to them! My wishes to him, my friend! Namaste

Thank you so much, without their support, we would not have been what we are today.

It is so special to have your father around for 82 years.
He seems to have taught you the importance of family and what the qualities of a man should be.
He must be very proud of you, realizing just how much your wife and children mean to you.
It's also great to have an elder to get advice from and to be able to lean on when some support is needed.

Happy birthday to him.

Having him stand behind us, brings lot of confidence.

My Dad, God bless his soul , passed at 84 years of age. Not a single day goes by that one thing or another reminds me of him.

As fathers go, he was the very best. I'm sure that you have the similiar feelings about your father.
to this day I'm not sure where I would be if it were not for the guidance he provided, by EXAMPLE.

Impressive condition. Happy birthday to your father! :)


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Long live to our fathers! 😁🙏

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😊😉 Thats so true.. much of the time it is the strength behind us, the support, that gives us the power to do what we need to do in our life.

Thanks to all the great men we call fathers!

Congrats to your father, that is a incredible life time, i hope he can push it further and gets as high as the creator allows him, living far, and with greatness :)

Happy birthday to him, it's priceless to see one's loved ones age and in good health for a really long period of time.

True, they are our inspiration.

Let's hope that you can spend a few years with all of you, a thousand congratulations to your Father, we would like to reach that age and that strong

Happy birthday to big DADDY. I know you are always like a kid whenever you get to him or be with him. Good to see him waxing strong. I wish him many more years ahead.

Thank you so much, he is physically very strong even now, hopefully, he will see his grandson's marriage.

That is awesome to know. Hopefully he will...and even his grandson's children.

There is no one who loves you more than a father, he is more than a friend. Life goes quickly and just good memories remain. good morning👍

True, in fact, he has always been more than a friend to me. I think, he probably showed his anger last when I was 15.

Wow, that's cool. Your dad is in great shape at 82.

I see that you made this post 2 days ago and that you have used the #fathersday, was in fathersday in India 2@ days ago?

It was for the dbuzz challenge.

Okay, cool.

The presence of a father gives confidence and strength in the face of life's difficulties.
Have nice weekend

Absolutely, the role of father is very important in everyone's life - it makes us confident.

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
My happy birthday to your father
I would like to reach his age and look good like him
Enjoy it a lot dear friend
Have a happy start of the week

I would like to reach his age and look good like him

Absolutely, healthy and living till 100.

Happy birthday to big father. Actually every fathers doing hidden hard works to their children for bring brightness future. Their massive tasks prevent us and brought right human to society. My wishes to him stay alive long time.

Thank you so much.


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