Before smartphone Hrdly seen these days in 2023. #dbuzz #Hive #hive- ...

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Before smartphone

Hrdly seen these days in 2023. #dbuzz #Hive #hive-engine #Hivebuzz

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Did you try to hack this phone to get free phone call? I did it before with 50% success rate while I'm still young lol

Hi hi sis. Er i dont recall how to hack it. But ahem ( open up the coin box below ) 😅😅. How you hack it sis?

Is this a recent photo? Does this phone still work?

...and yeah, I don't see those anymore. We have a landline, but it wasn't used in years. !MEME !gif Phone

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Yes my friend. Spot it at Malaysia transit to airport during my flight. I dont think is working anymore i guess

Makes me quite nostalgic... This also happens when I watch an old show and they show this or a cassette player.

Now even MP3 Players are considered ancient #technology .~

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Ah good idea my friend. Next i'll try to spot on a cassette player with cassette. I think it would be a great discovery by now

Yup, that would be a good buzz.


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I remember the days when these were seen more often. It's odd to see things like these from the past. As technology and inventions keep going further. 😲

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Hi sis, yeah you're right. I think is a great thing to bring up and share with you all to bring back some old memories.


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This is legendary . :p.

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yes bro. agree with you on this.