TTT [Week 3] - Tune Tune Train "Salem Sounds"

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The Tune Tune Train keeps rolling:

The Tune Tune Train is a challenge I came up with based on the Three Tunes Tuesday format. I will give you three great songs and you can win a $1 Ecency boost if you tell me what connects the songs.
A connection can be: they are all about flowers, they have the same drummer, they all sing about Pink Mushrooms, or they are all kids from famous parents. Just to give an idea of what a connection might be.

It´s up to you Dear Reader to figure out what connects the Tune Tune Train.
Or wait till I solve the riddle in next week's post.

And these were last week's songs:

Nick Phoenix - That won´t stand
Merethe Soltvedt - LÚNA
Thomas Bergersen - Lament for our Children (Feat. Kate St. Pierre)

Last Weeks Clues Were

There is no I in Team? So if these were the I´s who was the team?

The second hint mentioned that you needed to stay away at least a couple of feet from Dante´s Inferno, otherwise known as hell!

Two Steps Away From Hell, could I make it any easier?
These three people are a team called Two Steps Away From Hell! The group widely featured in my Midnight Gems session last week:
Midnight Gems 2.0 - The written Radio Show - Episode 17 "Cinematic Eargasms"

We Have NO Winner

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Here we go again!

2154993 (1).png

All Aboard!

The Tune Tune Train keeps Rolling!
Are You Ready To Riddle?

Definitely not perfect, but damn for those romantics among us. If this is what was sung before you deliver that wedding ring.... omg I would not dare ever divorce!

Daxner3 feat. Brassaranka and Carmen Quartett - The Book Of Love (Cover) Peter Gabriel

Merethe also is still standing strong, although I need to slow the train down a little so we can take our time to be amazed. She has done so much already, in so many different styles.

Well, I needed a cover of an amazing classic to fit this train, I went through at least 20. Some with tens of thousands of views, but the one that jumped out to me was this one....with only 85???? views.

I´ll be your mirror cover. Pedro, Car y Cris.

You like Games?
You like playing my Twisted Games? Well my game is twisted, and you need to figure out the twist.

TFJØRA - Twisted Games

music small.svg

This week's hint is simple: Huge Hint to make it easy. I just gave you a mirror of a mirror, of two songs that need to be connected to the third. It´s that simple!

Let me know in the comments if you figure out what connects these three songs.
First to get it right, gets a nice Ecency Boost!

The connection and winner will be featured in next week's #TTT

Previous Tune Tune Train Rides:

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Is it always the title or is it something else? Like the band members or something? I'd think you would really need to know the people in the band if that were the case. I mean really be familiar with the band. I'd probably only be able to do that with older bands.

To keep it fair it can be anything, Titles, Themes, Memebers, Movie, covered by the same artist etc. Just to ensure there is not one common piece of knowledge required. Often Youtube, Google and Wiki + the hint(s) should allow you to uncover the connection.

Is Twisted the commonality?

The twisted Book of love, with it's charts and facts, and figures and dance instructions...

Second song "When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside you're twisted and unkind"

Third song chorus and lots of twists!

Oh woah oh, oh
Twisted games, twisted games
Oh woah oh, oh
Twisted games, twisted games
Keep playing
Twisted games
It's a twisted game

I'm probably way off!! Hahaha

That would be a twist, but there is no twist in that book of love....just a sick sense of humor. But great coming up with this as I would love the answer to be that twisted.

OK, maybe it is to do with the number of views each song has on Youtube? All quite low... 3k, 929 and 86... 3,000 (4 digits), 929 (3 digits), 86 (2 digits)

I'm way off most likely, but I do love a good riddle!

Oh man that is a great connection I will use that in the future 4 sure.
Let me give you a hint, that I will officially be posting in my midnight gems tomorrow unless it helps you solve it. There is a huge key to solving the riddle in this week's title if you use that key and combine it correctly with the songs🤐

Ok cool, well I gave it a good go anyway, probably something to do with salems Lot movie 🎬

Yay! 🤗
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Great contest age idea

Really nice coming up with this
@dreemport led me here

The first tune sounds very soft and passionate... that old fashioned way of singing at least I get to see it again. Oh and the last geez! So cool honestly! I just feel like this three songs are connected to a heart break. I sense deceit and mind games played to a lady or a guy who just found out that all the time they were in relationships was just a lie! Maybe for a selfish purpose!

Really pretty sure you have something going on here, just couldn't relate. I guess I might be able to solve one of your riddles soon or not . Either ways keep up the good work🤗

Really pretty sure you have something going on here, just couldn't relate. I guess I might be able to solve one of your riddles soon or not . Either ways keep up the good work🤗