Three Tunes Tuesday - Taking the Tune Tune Train

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What the fluff is the Tune Tune Train?

Well let me keep it simple the Tune Tune Train connects songs, sometimes by theme, title, period, you name it.
Not sure if this is gonna be a one-time thing, or if I will do a couple but we will see how it goes.

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The whole idea is not new, but I thought about it when I was prepping my Written Radio Show and ran into this guy.

It was love at first sight, and if you like this next song keep an eye out for my post tomorrow. There will be more Frank Turner-inspired work coming this week.

Frank Turner, KT Tunstall - Little Life (Lyric Video)

Now, this might not be his best work, but he sounds so nice singing with KT. And in all honesty, I can feel them and their wish for a little life.

But this train needs to keep going, and today´s Tune Tune Train is connected by the featured artist. Yes, I am not making it easy on myself but that´s what makes a #TTT fun.

So let´s see with whom KT did it?

Well, believe it or not, she did it with Mike.
Yes THE MIKE, one of the worlds most underrated legends Mike.

Let me introduce: Mike McCready!

If 10% of you know who that is I am already impressed. As I myself really need to stand on my hands to trigger my memory. But yes it´s Mike from Eddie.

...ahh Mike from Eddie
Okay, the guy that played the guitar in Temple of the Dog, from that [I am going hungry] song. That song sang by Eddie, that Eddie that got famous with that grunge band Pear Fiction, or was it Pearl Jam. And this Mike founded that Band with Eddie and played the guitar.

But let me back down so you can watch the video.

KT Tunstall - I Won't Back Down ft. Mike McCready

So now came the hard part, find a song by Mike McCready with someone featuring. Thank the O.G. in the sky for making it possible. Because if you play a Hendrix song, of course, you should mention the guitarist first.

Even if it´s just a rehearsal, this was such an amazing find. A gem, hidden in an obscure warehouse session.

Mike McCready feat. Brandi Carlile - "Machine Gun" (Hendrix) [2012]

Well, I am sure you will never forget about Mike now, will you?

music small.svg

Hope you enjoyed my little setlist, check out my written radio shows they come with a youtube playlist, and see you next week.


Why oh why are these posts not getting more support! I love the little journey that you bring us on with these meandering posts, always interesting and you pepper in quality tunes, that's proper #ttt right there. The toughest thing here was picking one tune from the three you shared, as they were all great.

Well first of all thank you for saying that, I don´t know and I don´t really mind the slowly growing support. There are people that get the trip and enjoy the tunes and I enjoy using your #TTT to create these little journies. And I do believe that if you create quality and are constant in your outputs, support will grow. Thanks again for that very much appreciated compliment.

I never heard any of this musicians, so it’s good to me listen to new music. Good selection.

Thanks but you do know Pearl Jam so you know Mike right? And KT Tunstall had a hit with suddenly I see. but well I am not here to promote hits am I 😁

Actually I don’t listen to much Pearl Jam, I just know the commercials ones haha so don’t know about the band members. The last song is great. I need to check more of their music

Brandi Carlile is pretty awesome. I have her set on Austin City Limits DVR'd that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. I will have to do that soon!

She is, and this combination was really working well. I am thinking of adding her into next weeks TTT basically to continue where I left off this week-

Some good choices this week! Nice one. 🎵🎵

Wow this tune train is taking me on a roll. I love guitarists, after trying it I know the strain on the fingers and all these, professionals with the long speedy riffs.
Thanks for sharing these tunes, actually I didn't know Mike McCready before but now...😂

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Brandi Carlile seems to be another big name that did not get too big yet. I am sure to add her next week.