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...yes, freedom, and please repeat with me, as loud as you can:


Did you do that? As loud as you could? Even if your partner, family members, neighbors, cat, or dog would strangely look at you, it IS worthy to do that. You could always blame me, say it this was the fault of that M I piano something user from that HIVE thingy, and go free with your story and freedom to express it. And before you think that this is one more great post in the row that will fight for different kinds of freedoms, let me disappoint you: this is not going in that direction now. Is it selfish, to advocate now another kind of feeling of freedom?? Maybe it is, but, grab some candies and make your next 10-15 minutes of life sweeter. Celebrate with me the next two weeks of freedom from work? I know, teachers can relate to this very well! :)

Warning: This will NOT be a rant or tips (for beginners, intermediate or advanced level readers) how to survive a teacher that has vacations under the same roof {I am sure, this will come from those who share with me the home}... This will be just repeating through some songs the guess... freedom :)

As the very first association to this nice word that can change moods and lift spirits, George Michael and the song Freedom! '90 came to my mind. Who doesn't remember this legendary video, where a whole set of famous supermodels played on the screen? Reading the lyrics from the lips of Linda Evangelista, attractively walk and dance with Naomi Campbell, walk like an angel with Christy Turlington... Cindy Crawford taking a hot bath and enjoying it... burning jackets and exploding jukebox and guitars... We need some colder stuff to cool down, but let us take these lies and make them true somehow. Enjoy this freedom song for the full time of 6:35! If too short, repeat.


If we move to a bit more serious topic, celebrating the freedom and equality of all the people in the world, Pharrell Williams is our man to sing with him: Freedom! The song was released on June 30, 2015 (ow, exactly five years before my free hive journey started ;) ). The groove is firm and the melody where the lyrics are expressed grows in intensity quickly. We can repeat and repeat, even we can scream or say calmly the words and take it as a mantra, or prayer, whatever we choose. Loved the part:

Mind, use your power, Spirit, use your wings.

Well, well, well, Django Unchained can not miss, although we go even deeper into the rights of freedom. This is one of Quentin Tarantino's movies I watched two or three times. Maybe I close sometimes my eyes when too much blood appears, but the movie is worth watching it! The song freedom we are listening to here is composed by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton. Have you seen the movie and have you liked it? What about this song? ;) Let us unchain ourselves and enjoy this one:

But you know, as I said in the beginning, this post has another purpose. Feeling GOOD! Moving our minds and bodies! Feel freedom! Be a bit silly and consume lollipops. {do your own research are candies good for your health}. I have to be honest and confess, I did have one (similar to the pink one that we see in the cover photo, which was made in canva) while writing this post! A so sweet song (at least for me) is this next one I have chosen to be the last selection, as it exactly represents how do I feel right now! If you asked me yesterday how I was, the opposite would come as an answer from me. Maybe tomorrow it will not be the same. But do you see all the colors in this video? That's the color of the glasses I want to wear for the next two weeks! If I take them off, please, remind me to come back to this video and watch it again, and again and again, like I am doing it right now! However, I promise, some more serious posts will come too!

Jon Batiste - FREEDOM:

If you have another suggestion for a freedom song, feel free to post it in the comment section. Let us have some more fun!



I heard my named being called... from 👂 @ewkaw and @mipiano 👂

Django Unchained, that's a great movie that hits a little harder than most Tarantino films.

Freedom related songs? These are some great ones. When I hear Freedom I'll always think of Richie Havens. All of these are powerful songs that tell a great story.

Happy Holidays and may freedom reign supreme always!

Richie Havens - Freedom at Woodstock

Lauryn Hill - Freedom Time

Arrested Development - Freedom

Yep, your name was called here :))

Nice addition to the topic, I knew for the Richie Navens one, but not the other two songs. Oh, loved the beat of the last song you shared! My dancing in front of the screen continues where it stopped last night ;)

Btw, I am in desperate need of any mushroom thing hahaha, if I dont prepare a post for tomorrow... I will be arrested by @ewkaw 🤣🤣

Thanks for reminding me about the mushrooms. I don't know how long I can last posting about them on a continual basis, my consistency on most things isn't that great.

Don't worry, I will bake you a cake with a nail file in it and you can bust out of @ewkaw jail 😀

You are welcome, that way I was reminding me too :))) And I epically failed in the hunt today, I found nothing!!! No even one single small tiny mushroom... Luckily, you can bake that cake which would bring me freedom muahahaha. Thank you :D

I knew you will know more!
I knew it :D

Oh! oh!! What an awesome selection!
But first things first
Can I have the green lillypop now?

George M was the first songs I actually thought of when I saw you title and read the first line of text. Was almost looking for it, but then I saw you got the video too :)

Second one from Pharrell is very cool to and they are both on my playlist.

The movie... oh I love that movie!
Seen it a few times.

The last song I don't know.

If you have another suggestion for a freedom song

Does this one count? :)

@buffalobison you surely know more :p

Can I have the green lillypop now?

Yes, you can, fully deserved !! :) Someone in the house already announced this evening while I was preparing this post and danced in a sitting position, opening the pink lollipop and singing the tunes, that will go to your country for a short I can pack a few ones (ok, so the green one 💚 ) and he can give it to you.

Does this one count? :)

Of course it counts 🤩 I want to break free, I would sing it yesterday , but from now ( wait, what day it is hahaha, omg I am going to shift days to nights and will lose the count of days in the week, but that's cool!) I am already freeeeeeeeee 😁

Ok, @buffalobison , mushroom or music selection now?? :)) Looking forward 🎵🙂

Hahah I played George 3 times last night :D
And now I will put the whole album on and enjoy it with my coffee :)

Weeeee, that is nice :)
We had that album too, actually my sister in law, so it is we :D

But drinking coffee now? I think cocktail time now 🍹

We (my sis that is) had a tape first :D
I still have it actually, but nothing to play it on.

It was only 6pm (5 days ago... hahaha). Long night ahead :D There is time for drinks too!

It was only 6pm (5 days ago... hahaha). Long night ahead

and now is 16:38.... and I am having indeed a cup of coffee, you too?
Ok, we are taking the night shift 😂

Congratulations on being free! I shouted "Freedom" in my head - I didn't want to wake up my wife lol.

Great song selections to mark the occasion and the theme!

I didn't want to wake up my wife lol.

Seems your freedom would be taken away if she woke up ;D just kidding, thanks for shouting it with me even in your mind, that is what counts as from there everything comes, right? 😎

Nice my friend ... damn, I forgot how much I enjoyed this George Michaels tune... very rare for me to njoy Wham or George.
Pharrel Williams a new artist for me but I enjoyed it a lot.

I have not seen Django .... I not sure I want to {frown} .... and why is it necessary to post more serious ? Life is mostly too serious we want fun ...lightheartedness...and of course the music !!

Njoy your break

Yay, so I wiped the dust from the shelves where you stored the memories about this song ;) Oh, can someone be happier than me now?

Django. Give it a go, and then decide do you like it or not. Watch the movie as it is, then if your want to skip some parts, speed up that part and that's it. Solution found :)

Hahaha, serious or more serious posts... well, maybe you are right, sometimes I just burry myself when I want to do a serious one, and then I never finish those. However, this will not stop me to give another and another attempt :D

Njoy your break

Thanks, I will 😎

EDIT: @themagus

Pharrel Williams a new artist for me but I enjoyed it a lot.

I am sure you heard this one many times :)

Enjoy the good vibes :)

I have just a single question: Who wants FREEDOM?
Freedom is soooo much overrated!
owww wait
{snap out of it edje}
Sorry... was watching a 15 minute video from one of our fellow HIVE community members just bringing us the message the whole covid thing and lockdowns everywhere is a staged plan by the Americans and the rest of the world to have an excuse for the upcoming collapse of the US dollar. Apparently we are slaves, our police are terrorist, no microchips required since we have nanobots swimming through our veins with constant 5G connectivity. Darn, I soooo much like my body to be connected to the internet all the time, but wasnt able yet to proof that I am. How wonderful will it be we can find ourselves using a service like 'Find Me' on our smartphone? Then we will never ever loose ourselves anymore. And even if we do, we can always find ourselves back again. {the vid I was watching}
Sooo, back to business: FREEDOM!
Isn't Freedom an illusion?
{owwww shut up edje... too serious}
My suggestion: Kick your family out of your home for coming 4 weeks and you'll be able to enjoy real Freedom. Maybe it'll become a little quiet though which may result in the feeling of Boredom.
{thinking: is Freedom equal to Boredom?}


scrolling :D


How wonderful will it be we can find ourselves using a service like 'Find Me' on our smartphone? Then we will never ever loose ourselves anymore. And even if we do, we can always find ourselves back again

Lucy is the solution, again!

So, back to business.

Yes, maybe it is an illusion, and all the mañanas too :) So I am refusing to refuse that illusion {lol} 😂

And for sure, little quiet would become if mi kicked out {did I have too many sweets?}

Lucy is the solution, again!


did I have too many sweets?

Maybe? Orrrrr you just compensating for the quiet fellas living in your home.

Yes, maybe is the correct answer :) What a pity this was not set as a guessing game with rewards hahaha

Btw, so cool your new profile picture, with these green lights 😎 Was it taken during the ADE?

The profile pic: not sure if it was an ADE, certainly not the last one.
When rolling in my new laptop I got all my cloud drives connected, hence I got all my photos on my local hard drive again. Started to browse one of the camera upload folders and found this one and uploaded. I'm not even sure in which folder I found it. If I remember correctly, a photo from 2016 or 2015 or something. A big 'room'. Actually a tent, so it must be a festival. Must say, have much nicer photo's with laser lights, just need to start ordering all my photos so I can find the cool ones. The ordering part is something that I haven't done for the last decade or so.

EDIT: just found the profile pics again and was able to see the playlist for the stage in the photo. Awakenings Festival 2016; I think that was the last time I went to that festival after not being there for years. I remember the first few editions early this century: They where SUPER! But then the mass started to come to this event, the music became more commercial, the 'love' factor and all decreased. But that's beside the point and for another post and/or comments :)

Thank for this detailed edit 😇

I really enjoyed reading it! Even if this festival is maybe not on the top of your favorite ones right now, as it changed the features you liked, but once it brought you good vibes, right? You should stay with them, with the positive memories and what you received from them :) Also, I am glad there is improvement in the new machine thingy, you already have the cloud drives connected!! Hurray! Wow, just enjoy browsing and organizing all the stuff and photos, and music and memories! When something interesting comes at gunpoint again, you are welcome to share it, well if you like to do so :)

And if you would ask me why do I like this new profile photo of yours, I would say because it is giving a positive impression, it's fresh, the color 💚 is cool, and the lights 🙌! It is well balanced, lights coming from that spot and spreading towards those who were there in real once back in time and also those who are looking at it now even from the screen. Timeless moment :)

But you can also read it in a short version: It is cool, and that's it hahaha.

Agree, we shall remember the good things... Which I practice by the way. have still very good memories of these events in the early days and am glad I was part of it back in the days.
Profile pic: changed again and still not satisfied. Over the next few days/weeks will try a few others.

Profile pic: changed again and still not satisfied. Over the next few days/weeks will try a few others.

Yes, it is noticed haha, so all my description in my previous comment was in vane 🤣

Should I start with this one... or I wait for the new profile picture? ;D

have still very good memories of these events in the early days and am glad I was part of it back in the days.

that is a great attitude and the perfect way of taking care of good memories and experiences :)

Hi @mipiano. While I was writing this commentary, I was listening to these beautiful compositions. This is amazing. And yes, "Freedom" is not enough ... it is worth repeating. Each composition is beautiful. You have good taste in music. I also appreciated the composition from "Django". Cool movie and song. FREEDOM is a hot topic at all times. Thanks!


I am glad you have visited this pst and enjoyed this music selection. If you remember the post with the Christmas songs... well, we mentioned with you the song Carol of the Bells, the Ukrainian traditional song. I played it another day and recorded it, although it is not the same as the original as I changed a bit. Thanks for being part of the inspiration for that one :)

Ohhh yeeaah! Freedom!
Just want to say you Merry Christmas!

Hurray, one more freedom!!!! Thank you @gulia.peito , do you celebrate Christmas today or in two weeks? If today, than happy holidays 🎄😇🎶🎶

In 7 January, but congratz!

Heheh, I hope I will remember to congratulate you at that day 😇

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🍡🍬🍰🍧🍭🍦 ... now after this, I think an appointment with the dentist will be needed... and I should pay the bill 😁