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Sometimes it takes me a lot of time to think about the title of the post. If I would name this post Zárójelentés, you would just run away, scared of those weird letters. But that is how Final Report is written in Hungarian. A movie I watched some months ago in the cinema, and I still can say - I remember how nice it was because it brought some beautiful music to the audience.

I don't usually watch TV at home, I suppose you all already know that. Just when we have got some series or a movie/documentary we choose. The other option how to watch movies is to go to the cinema. So, last year, there was a period of time we used to go to the local small cinema where less known European movies could be seen. You could choose a day when the movie was projected in its native tongue or in the Spanish version, the next day. I would definitely not watch a Hungarian movie in Spanish, I would rather skip it then.



I didn't know anything about this film when I bought the ticket. I went just because of the title and because of the director was István Szabó (winner of the Oscar for the best foreign movie Mephisto, a long time ago, forty years ago). Also, the cast is interesting and from the old school. The main character, a doctor from Budapest, that had to retire as the hospital where he worked closed was played by the actor Klaus Maria Brandauer.

The situation that he unexpectedly faced, the question of how to fill the days without his lifelong work, made him change his habits. What to do if you don't have to go to work? The doctor from our movie enjoyed listening to the music, going to the opera and theatre, and playing tennis. He lived in harmony with his wife, an opera singer in their home in Budapest.


I took some photos while watching the movie :)))

Though, that phase didn't last for a long time. I guess it was not easy to accept life without work... that is how we all are doing. I do like vacations, the long ones, that last for two or three months, but I know I would probably work again after some time! Similarly, our protagonist, Dr Stephanus decided to move to the village where he grew up and work as a doctor. His mother still lived there and some of his old friends, from his school days. For example, the priest.



It is not easy to go back to a smaller place to live after you have lived in a big centre. Not just because life goes by a different pace, but because not everyone would accept you back. And if some new people appeared around, and took some important role (like being a major of the village) you will have to adapt to them. Or not. Well, then all sorts of drama can spice up your days.



Talking about spicing up your days... Wouldn't music and some nice feelings do that too? Dr Stephanus met the music teacher, who gave all her efforts to music teaching and interpretation. Her curse was that she was pretty. And you know what people are like, envious and conspiring, and moreover in small communities. She was misunderstood, probably sad too, and her only refuge was the school choir, and her new friend, the doctor who was a real music lover.



In this movie, music linked all the drama but the humouristic scenes too. In fact, a drama it was, a genre I like a lot, but the funny scenes were not in lack either. So, that connection that the music made was exceptional. We could hear parts of classical music pieces, both as background and as an integral part of the scenes. When he was visiting the opera or when the children from the school sang with the teacher. When they were looking to make harmony, in their lives and in the life of that village. Wagner and the excerpts from his opera Tannhäuser made the whole movie even more interesting to me. I do remember I was so excited listening to that Tannhäuser Overture in the final scene, and when the movie finished, when the lights were put on, I was still sitting there, glued to the seat. I didn't want to stand up and go home!


In the end, I had to go, otherwise, the owners of the small local cinema would throw me out {or the gaze of the doctor on the screen would scare me away eventually}. And although this movie was all the time here around, in my memory, I couldn't get to bring it to hive before. I didn't want to write just a movie review, I have never done it before, but the impact that the music part of it made was great. Even the beginning of the trailer starts with a cello tune, actually an arrangement of the Cello Suite composed by Bach that makes me feel so optimistic. I know, not the original version of Bach's composition, but nobody can deny it is the same piece (even if it is changed a bit :D )

When I finally decided to put this post from my mind to the screen, I was still around hive feed, trying to distract myself from the work and writing! I had nothing, 191 words, but then a comment encouraged me to focus and get this done.

source of the trailer

Many times, movies would not have that huge impact on us without the soundtracks. It makes an additional connection, the emotional response from us is higher, at least I feel it that way. And maybe this movie was not the best one I watched in my life, for sure that it was not, it somehow stayed in my memory and pending to share it with you.

Do you think that soundtracks have an important role in the movies, and they achieve a better connection and emotional impact on us? If you like it, let me know what is one of the movies you watched lately and did it contain music that made you feel different? That made the whole production more special and memorable?



I do not predict a film without music.
Music often penetrates the soul deeper than words!
She enhances emotions.

Music just simply has that power, right? :)
And so fortunate we are that we can enjoy it 🎶


And we are lucky that there are still people who write and perform it! 💖

I agree that music can have a very big impact on a show/movie and the emotion of a scene within it. We are re-watching the Game of Thrones series at the moment and it does a very good job with that. I'd say that the music during the intro is one of the best opening scores of any series. At least any that I have experienced or can remember. It really sets the tone and is very memorable in that it stays with you long after you've watched it.

Oh, the music from Game of Thrones is so powerful, indeed. Many of my students wanted to play that opening, but it doesn't really sound the same on the piano. There are arrangements that are great, but then one has to be a good pianist :D

Oh yes. The music is important. I find movies psychological and the music is an important reason for this too. It sets the mood, makes you feel more connected. I'm trying hard but can't imagine a romantic scene without the music😂. It's sometimes not noticeable but the absence of it would feel weird, I'm sure.

I'm trying hard but can't imagine a romantic scene without the music😂.

Hahaha, now I am imagining too. No, it doesn't work without music 😂

The absence of music in movies existed actually. We just have to go back for one century and think about silent movies. :))

Interesting! I'll go check that out.

A silnet movie had no speaking parts, nor music, but you could visually get the story. Sometimes, in the movie, title cards were used, with an explanation or information. The music part was played in a live setting, by a pianist who played at the same time while watching the movie, bringing the musical background. It was funny, I suppose.

Who knows, maybe I would be one of those pianists that played in the theatres and cinemas to accompany the film :D

I just missed the century when I was born 😂

Are you sure about that @Mipiano??
In my own opinion that century was boring...

I would gladly go back in time and explore around with my own eyes.
Though, I would like to come back to present later hahhah

I would gladly go back in time and explore around with my own eyes.

Me too. 😅 I am more intrigued by the past than I am of the future.
If I had the opportunity, I'd really love to go back, but I'm not so sure if I'll be willing to come back to the present though. 🥴😅

I really enjoyed going through your post. It was very nice.
It's been quite a while since I watched good movies, so it had pleasant nostalgic effect on me.
And I'll definitely check the movie out too.

That would have been fun, only if you had to power to do so..

😂😂 I know the feeling. @monioluwa should see this.
Wow. It sounds really exciting to me. And it was due to the existing technology at the time. I see Charlie Chaplin was one of the iconic actors from the link, I wish I could see one 😌.

Thank you very much for bringing my attention to this.
I really needed to see it. Twas a beautiful thing to read.

Anytime 😊

Talking about spicing up your days... Wouldn't music and some nice feelings do that too?

Definitely!! Music, at any time and on any day, always adds flavor to my life.


Yes, mipiano, I believe that soundtracks play a significant role in films, and that they help us form a stronger emotional bond with the characters.

This is a really cool story @mipiano and I would really love to participate too.

Definitely!! Music, at any time and on any day, always adds flavor to my life.

That's good to hear :))

Well, you are very welcome to write your contribution to the topic. If you have your favourite soundtracks and you would like to share that with us, how they affect you, what do they mean to you, or anything else, we are here to read your story 😇

I would do that.

Hello @mipiano.....
I just wrote about mine 😊

Hey benii

Yay, super. I already saw that but I am responding just now to your comment... I have a bit of a backlog of them 😅

Thank you for responding..

Where would a movie be without a soundtrack, the E in any Epic movie is placed there by the music accompanying the pictures- Music is the key to underline a good story

Music is the key to underline a good story

Indeed, and that is why music was already part of the Greek theatre too. Drama, tragedy and comedy pieces were performed together with music (not really how we have it today, but music from those times :D )

Opera, ballet, and later movies (although in the beginning silent movies, however, accompanied by pianists live), are all inseparable from the musical part.

And then we have some blog posts here, for example from you, and your story accompanied by music :)))

Hmmm you picked up on me promoting my own stuff did you 😄

😂 aha :))

Yes, the music is as important than the movie itself. It brings you in the mood for it. And during into the scene whether good, scary, funny etc.

Hey @littlebee4

As always, no sleeping for you in these hours? :D

Maybe watch some movie and listen to a good soundtrack, maybe it would help to 💤?

Hi @mipiano 👋🏻
Good morning 😊 we did watch some documentaries and I had some port to drink 🍷 what did make me sleep earlier at 1:30am this time hahaha 🤣 but I had a busy day yesterday and was exhausted 🥱 so think that helped too lol

Enjoy your Tuesday 👋🏻☀️💃🏻

I see that was a nice evening, documentaries and some 🍷, good in any case, not just for lullaby

Enjoy your Tuesday 👋🏻☀️💃🏻

Well, it's still Monday :D and not the same week, but I will try to enjoy my Tuesday tomorrow 😄

It sure was @mipiano 😁

Good morning 👋🏻☀️ Hahaha enjoy today 😉 it’s sunny and bright already here.

We have no doubt that a good soundtrack can make a movie memorable even if it is not good cinematographically. It is impressive how it can remain in our memories just because you liked what you heard, it is something that happens quite often. That line is so important that it even has a place in the different awards, we have no doubt that it is something that is taken very seriously in film and TV productions.

As always your posts are full of good content, it was a pleasure to read you. A hug dear friend.😃

A good soundtrack indeed makes a movie a memorable one. How many times do we mention a tune from a movie, that is great and all, although the movie itself is not that excellent? But, because of the soundtrack, we remember the movie too :D

Thank you so much for your unfailing engagement and support 😇
Hug to both of you too 🤗

Music is very important in a movie.. I could remember some of the movies I do watch then,was because of the music played in the movie and it was able to draw my attention.

True, we do remember some of the movies just because of the music from it :)

Yeah actually, you are right and even sometimes the soundtrack played from it..

Yes, i completely agree with you, music plays a big role in the film. the fact that the sad, terrifying, and strange scenes of each piece of music are made for him can naturally better express the feelings of the film and the director.

I recently saw a Korean series called "Jumong" that has a very nice soundtrack. it really feels great when they fight when they lose, and when they win.

Oh, a terrifying scene without some suspenseful music would not be the same :))
And also all the other scenes that are enhanced with corresponding music make a stronger emotional reaction in us.

I think I have been waiting for someone to make a post sound tracks in movies...We draw inspiration from the scene or storyline backed by a powerful soundtrack in the portrays deep lessons or meaning to the story whether based on real life or fictional story...I have so much love for soundtracks and their respective movies...

The Bridgerton movie offered a very entertaining story about love and offers a vast collection of classical covers of popular hip hop, soul, rock and rap songs which spans for over an 1hr at each ball settings in the movie

No time to die which signalled the end of an amazing journey by the Great Bond went deep into a personal life of the spy agent leaving us with great lessons to take as the great Billie Eilish sings a powerful theme song.

Another interesting soundtrack is in Game of Thrones. I have alot to share

I see that you have some experience in watching movies and remembering the soundtracks and how they affect us. Cool 😎

I would share them very soon

It’s lovely how you notice the little details and make articles about it.
And yes the soundtrack in a movie makes a lot of difference.

I’d love to write on this, I hope it’s not too late?
Plus I’m new here 😇