AskLeo - Best approach to grow a niche community on Hive ?

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If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities but in the expert's mind there are few.

We want to live in a world of possibilities, not a world of few possibilities. When it comes to growing a community on Hive there are many synergies that can be achieved by collaborating with other communities and applications.

Yesterday I created a post asking people to subscribe to Hive-India community with the intention of growing the Indian community on Hive with a long-term vision. So today I wanted to ask LeoFinance community what would be the best approach (or first few steps) towards building a niche community before it enters the experimental phase?

Trying to Brainstorm on-chain. Aim to identify the best possible strategy to avoid big mistakes later while creating a scaled-down version of the idea.

My initial thought was to encourage people to create crypto-related content using the LeoFinance frontend and give incentives via upvotes based on quality, consistency, and on-chain engagements as the first step without overcomplicating it by setting up any discord servers or Telegram groups.

Imagine Micro Blogging enabled LeoFinace to become the new decentralized Crypto Twitter in a few years with a large userbase from India.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

I'm grateful to be part of our crypto, Hive and LeoFinance community. Today is Day number 10 of my personal 365 days of writing challenge.
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I think that the best thing is to be flexible, find a core team, let other people do what they are good at and what they love and put your resources into helping them do it better.

Find people with a similar vision and empower them. I’m sure you’ll pull it off. Let me know if Cross Culture can help.

I would love to see each of the local hive communities do some good onboarding. Actually I think that contest idea I mentioned could help. I’ll message you about it after work.

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Totally agree on being flexible and finding a core team.

Find people with a similar vision and empower them.

I guess this is where I should put most of my energy towards.

Let me know if Cross Culture can help.

100% we can work together and share ideas to figure out a good approach to empower growth Hive communities.

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I think microblogging will do well and the user experience will probably decide whether or not users will stay. I am not sure how else we can really promote it but push it out in front of people. I do think HIVE itself might be a bit tough for them to understand but if they learn things slowly then I think they will stick around.

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Totally agree that microblogging will do well.

I do think HIVE itself might be a bit tough for them to understand.

Definitely, it's our job to make sure they understand hive while they're on their journey here. #AskLeo is a great way to ask any genuine question regarding Hive and Crypto.

I remember, creating a LinkedIn account 13 years ago as my friend recommend me because I was looking for a job as a graduate. I just couldn't figure it out. Looking back now, I just wished I spend more time on LinkedIn and figured out how it works earlier to advance in my career.

Similar situation with $AAVE, It was too complicated for me when it was called EthLend ($LEND). Did spend my time tinkering with version 1 and version 2 and eventually gave up because of bad user experiences. Now everyone is learning #DeFi and it's much much complicated than traditional finance. I'm sure in a few years everyone will try to understand decentralized social networks and It will be still complicated for them.

The point I was making here is that we must teach new people who join Hive to think 5-10 years from now and let them learn as they go and make sure that the understanding user experience will not be a pleasant journey but the potential rewards can be life-changing.

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Any content is good if it provides values to other. The problem is mainly out here in Hive, people value long form of content, and that's why many people stay away from creating short form content. But again as I said it's upto the people to decide if they are writing for providing values or if they are writing for getting upvotes.

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The problem is mainly out here in Hive, people value long form of content, and that's why many people stay away from creating short form content.

I personally love short-form content and everyone has their own preferences.

People love to support someone who is passionate. It is in our nature to want to support someone when we see they are working hard and contributing.

One of the main problems I see on Hive is that most of the engagement happens off-chain (Telegram Discord and Twitter) and microblogging is the perfect solution for this.

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Yes it's all about the preferences, would love to see a lot of engagements out here which we see only see in Twitter or Discord

Micro Blogging is key.

I think 90% of long post can be written in some words. And that's the more efficient way. It makes it not less valuable.

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I'm not a big fan of long posts.

Certainly understand longer posts are better for certain types of content.

I think the majority of people love Micro-Blogging and it's one of the best ways to onboard new people and also to keep the existing community engaging.

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agree 100%!

India communities help us (Myanmar) a lot. I am currently using ecency and #indiaunited supported me. This make me survive in the hive community. Without their help I think I can not survive. I will join hive-191968.

Joined. And Welcome back for your return.

Thanks for your comment. I will do as much as I can.

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India communities help us (Myanmar) a lot

I'm so happy to be. reading this comment and it's all about helping each other to grow.

Let's make sure we all thrive with Hive in the long term!

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For financial content, I would probably not use microblogging, but 200-300 word blogging that would be readable and will keep people engaged. No point on long posts. Essential to reward your readers and voters.

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Essential to reward your readers and voters.

This is what decentralized peer-to-peer social networks like Hive allow people to do.

Distributing the rewards and building strong communities will take our Hive network to the next level.

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