Meeting Fatima and Trevor for the FIRST TIME ✨

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Fatima is my Facebook friend. And meeting her finally was wonderful! I got connected with her through Ras Mom. Her partner Trevor is a family friend.

They are a couple, we visited during our Bohol trip. Fatima is from Manila who decided to move to Bohol with Trevor who's of British nationality. They moved to Bohol eleven years ago. Living their best dream life away from the city.

I always adore Fatima. She's a talented lady who can do piano, crochet, painting, and all the talents under the sun. I was googling her name then I found out and was shocked about all the achievements and recognition of what she left behind. If, I will tell you about her here. Maybe, you'll also be amazed too. But, let's keep it that way.

We are so happy that we had the chance to meet them and visit their humble home.


Their home is a semi-small jungle they have created themselves.


They have ducks who lay eggs regularly 🦆 Which is the source of their daily egg harvest ✨


They raised some roosters too.
Which sometimes for selling.


Breeding pigs that have been delivering a bunch of piglets for year's now.


They have 4 PIGS. And they have names for everyone.


More ducks around 🦆


They mostly have everything around them with the support of some local neighbours who help them from time to time.


They have a cat called Electricia 😻


Life is just so simple. Having a nice place that they can call home and loving neighbours from the community.


I still remember one of the questions that I asked for the creative blogger tag a while ago. Which says"Which do you prefer? Living in a city or suburb? And Why?" I think if have time to chitchat with Fatima. It will be very interesting to find out more about how and why they left their careers and move to Bohol.

On the other hand, Living your life is your choice and how you'll spend it.

You don't need a big house or a mansion to be happy. Happiness comes from how you choose to live your life and being content with the things you have.

And I'm happy that Fatima and Trevor choose how they live their lives and spend more time growing old together happily. Their dedication to the life they choose is admirable.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

For me, I don't know how my future will be. All I can figure out from now. Is that I will be in Greece having my tequila basking under the sun ☀️😉😁

Life is beautiful and it matters how we choose to live with it ✨


Wow! it feel so good to meet people like her. Happy and contented 😍❤️

As in Mary! Maka realize sab ko ba nga easy Raman diay gyud ang kinabuhi ug kabalo ta mo appreciate sa small things that life could offer. The lifestyle itself. Pwede Raman gyud diay mag inato ug gustohon gyud Nato.The desires sa Atung heart and the contentment ba. Hahayts buhay! Tsarrrmossss ginamos ✨😂🤍🙏🏼

Agreed. Last line jud haha 🤣 meet up soon please.

Yes, puhon 💖✨😂

Hmmmmm, hahahaha, enough na kay masuko na unya. hahaha

wa nmo sya g.ivite sa hive?

Raaaawwwwrrrrrr Meoooowkkkk! Tsarrrr. Ako? Masuko? Hahahaha Ikaw Raman sigeg kasuko. Nyahhahahaaa

Such a happy life to live along with the nature. 😀

@shinecrystalline Happy place indeed ✨😻🤩

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Hello there @hivebuzz

Thanks ✨😻🤩😘

You're welcome @itsmiessyonpeakd, that's with pleasure! Have a nice weekend 😊🌹

all these animals require much time and efforts...but natural food is worth of it

Totally agree 🤩

Wow! This is a wonderful lifestyle! Did you meet your Facebook friend?! Sounds very cool and fun.

Yes, I just met them.

Thanks @koto-art Hope you are doing well ☺️😻

You don't need a big house or a mansion to be happy. Happiness comes from how you choose to live your life and being content with the things you have.

Totally agree. I'm hoping to find happiness and be grateful with what i have 🤗

That's nice to hear @rosmadirazali ✨👍☺️😇🙏🏼

"You don't need a big house or a mansion to be happy. Happiness comes from how you choose to live your life and being content with the things you have." Love this so much!. Life is such a rollercoaster ride, people want to live in big houses and ride expensive cars, but they tend to realize that that's not what makes life worth living. It's by being contented with the things that you have now. Also, Hi Electricia hehe.

love the province-vibe of this article..

the pandemic and being first time parents brought us back to Bohol, my husband and I lived in Cebu for more than a decade. Living in the province is one thing that makes us appreciate the little things indeed. Although we still come to Cebu for visits every now and then...

Fatima sounds like a very lovely person. And wow, so talented! ❤ I love their way of living. It's something to aspire to 😊