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I shared with you the journey of my wave 53 team a few weeks ago and looking at them today, I couldn't be happier or prouder of how they evolved and proved to themselves that they are worth keeping. So now I am in charge of a different team that recently celebrated a milestone.



This will most likely be the last team I manage before we move on to the next phase. I joined their team on their eighth week of receiving phone calls, but I was on leave at the time, so I didn't get to say hello to them. When I returned from my trip, I was introduced to the team, and the majority of them were really cautious and scared to ask questions. That part I understand since they have had their support since day one and I as a new member of the team is something they are not used to.


I wasn't expecting to be extended and given responsibility for a new team, but because several of the SMEs abused their current position, they were removed. So, as I was about to return to taking phone calls, I was contacted and asked if I would be willing to extend and manage a new team. I wanted to say no because I had plans for the holiday, but they couldn't find someone they could trust not to abuse the role, so I was flattered. lol.


So, even though it was just two weeks before they completed nesting, I was still able to do their coaching and get to know all of them. Some of them still easy to adapt to their new coaches, while others are still shy, but everyone feels comfortable with each other, which is a triumph for me.


To be honest, I had to make a lot of adjustments to this team because the majority of them had no prior experience with this type of work. Even though they were taking phone calls for how many weeks already, they kept raising their hands and asking the same question again and over. To perform the job, though, you must be patient and passionate about what you do. I always put myself in their shoes because I was once one of them, with no notion, no background of how it works, and no knowledge of anything. I can see some development in the majority of them as time passes, which is incredibly fulfilling on my side. It's quite fulfilling to impart knowledge and wisdom and see that they're doing their part to perform their job properly.

And now that they have completed their nesting period and have reached their milestone, they will be introduced to the production floor, exactly like the previous team that I managed. I am overjoyed that all of the teams I managed will be regularized. I was worried that they would just be extended for 3-4 months, but because they are all doing very well, they will be regularized.

So that's it for now, hope you are having a great week and stay safe. Until my next blog. 😘

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It must be a challenge on your part about managing different teams.
Kudos to you. ☺️

It is, especially for those previous teams I handled that we're very clingy and attached to me.

Masako it lag nka attached na tapos mawala bigla. 😁

hahhaa it's okay