Photochain Challenge: 116th Edition Start - 115th Edition's Winners

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Hello World!

This is the 116th Edition of the Photochain challenge. The Photochain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the Photochain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post on HIVE. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate. I changed the rules of the winner prize a bit of editions ago.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 (two) winners of the 115th Edition of the Contest. Within the next 72 hours, I'll reward both of them with 1 HIVE - as explained in the rules - and will post in the comment section of the 115TH EDITION the transaction confirmation links.

And the Winner is...

The 115th Edition counted 4 (Four) valid participants

The two Key-Subjects were:

Ladder and Chandelier

These are the 2 (two) Winners of the 115th Edition:

Winner 1



with a pair of shorts tied to a chandelier

The personal subject is Shorts

Winner 2



with a photo of a nice handwritten drawing

The personal subject is Squirrel

As I promised, I will award the 2 winners with 1 HIVE token each, and I will award the other 2 photos that I appreciated more during the edition with 1 HIVE SBI.

The first honorable mention:


by @ninahaskin

and the second honorable mention:


by @kvinkyl


Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@kvinkyl @adinapoli @ninahaskin @hindavi

I also invite you in the new edition with all the Steem and Hive participants

I received ECENCY POINTS to redistribute during the edition. So, I will award each valid entry with 10 Ecency Points (up to the 25th entry). Soon I'll send the Points to the last week edition participants.

The Feel Good community became an ARCHON-supported community , so you can enjoy the benefits of the Archon landscape, a community with its own token and reward system. You can find more information on the OFFICIAL ARCHON COMMUNITY PAGE or on its DISCORD CHANNEL.

A big thank you to @archonapp




I explained in the Introduction Post that you can participate by submitting a photo in the comment section below: you must be the author of the photo.

The photo must contain the 2 Key-Subjects - that will be communicated in each post of the New Edition - and another key-subject of your choice (also contained in the photo). I also explained there how the key-subjects will change and the criteria with which I'll choose them.


Are you Ready?


This weekly edition is the:

116th Edition

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:


A difficult couple of key-subject caused low participation, but you found a creative way to enter again the contest. Congratulations to everyone. But now, another week, and another difficulty key-subjects couple. Shorts and Squirrel : I don't know if you are in the same situation, personally I don't see so frequently a squirrel in the zone where I live in. I really hope you usually do the opposite. So, you can start the research for an entry.




If you have any doubt, follow the practical example in the Introduction Post. Furthermore, I add a practical example in the comment section of the Zero Edition Post and you can consult the previous edition to know more about how can the comments be.


Reading more about it

photochain fund_ADDRESSES.jpg


Now it's your turn.


here is my entry to photochain SHORTS AND SQUIRREL
this squirrel is ringing my bell so my private parts word is BELL

Nice finding, great idea! :D Thank you to join again Eolian, welcome to the current edition. A big good luck and a little bit of !WINE !LUV 1

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Congratulations to the winners and the mentions!
Happy new week, everyone!

Nice entry . Congratulations for winning . This one is hard entry .

Thank you 🙏 very much davidesimoncini chose my entry for the winner. Congratulations to all winners.

congratulations to the winners. that was a tough one
may i ask what exactly is a HIVE SBI that you award to the mentions?

It is a virtual share in the steembasicincome project, something like a sponsorship. In a few words, if you have Hive SBI, you sometimes receive an upvote from one of the steembasicincome accounts. More Hive SBI you have, bigger will be the upvote. You can find more on the Steembasicincome account
I hope the short explanation is understandable :) !LUV 1

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Hi, everybody! Here's my entry:
My key word is acorn.

Hello, @davidesimoncini greetings here is my entry for photo chain challenge round 116
some things happen the photos are not downloading I tried several times didn't work. think only one photo is downloaded just now. thank you

Transfers to the Winners & to Steembasicincome


The Winners:

Tx 01
To @gems.and.cookies

Tx 02
To @eolianpariah2

And the Honorable Mentions:

Tx 03
1 Hive SBI
To @hindavi

Tx 04
1 Hive SBI
To @adinapoli

Congratulations, excuse me for the delay, and thank you to join the contest! :)