Intro - A lifetime Solitude

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All these days are going through uncertainty, and the flying magpie is looking for the light of life. The sequences are running with the cloud, leading the storm to destroy a home to build a new one. Nevertheless, the home disappeared before the appearance of the flying magpie. After all, the magpie is willing to go through the rainfall, and the Hive is like rainfall here.

Hi, Everyone! To share the intro would be my best part here, I believe.

And ultimately, who I'm? The answer is 'I'm nobody; I'm the reflection of mine.'

When I was just 5, I got into a new world, the world of survival. I can now realize Darwin's quote - 'Survival of the fittest.' But I still don't know how the quote goes with me! I'm not the fittest one on this earth's surface but still surviving. Sometimes seems it would be long till the judgment day. When I get into the crowds, I'm a lonely man, and when I watch out the sky full of lonely stars, I feel good. No doubt they are my inspiration.

I dream of a beautiful world full of silence, Far from the human being. A white color's flower is floating over the tide, and a magpie is flying with the wind. The northern wind goes with brown leaves to touch the peak of the mountains. Moreover, all creatures are in a deep sleep in nature's arms; and no sorrow touches the deer's feet.

One night after wakeup from a deep sleep felt I got something to live on. I opened a diary and wrote, 'do not share your secrets with the people.' From the night, I've been writing my thoughts on it yet, even after a decade. That moment changed my life with a 180-degree turning point. I started to talk to myself and with the lonely stars. I felt that even the entire universe was interested in talking to me when it was all about solitudes. In the meantime, I entered the world of books.

Gradually I got a few passionate fields based on books. I started with the fiction and quickly reached into the non-financial platforms. It was the time to discover Astronomy, Ancient History, Greek Philosophy, Evolution Studies, and so on. The more I read, the more I realized, 'I know nothing. What a feeling indeed!

Astronomical fields gave me the highest pleasure in life. I could spend an hour over hours thinking about the stars, galaxies, quasars, nebula, planets and the black holes. Ancient history gave me a good understanding of human nature, civilizations, and the consequences of future predictions. Even my academic discipline 'International Relations' bound me to discover all about politics, human nature, all-time world orders and ancient consequences.

When I started to read about Greek philosophy, it was a different part of life. Their thoughts were like fire in the darkness. Just a quote distinguished everything - 'question the authority. And this quote was sealed in the Royal Society as well. Newton was slandered due to stealing Robert Hooke's work. But he came out from a long self-exile to prove himself with the help of Edmond Halley. So, I realized slanders must not ruin my days. It's time to fight back with an unlimited slice of silence. Despite we indeed need a Halley in our life to fight back.

I found another required field of passion- walking down the street. I can walk all day and think about life and the surrounding atmosphere. When I go through the bad times, poetry helps me to get out of the storm. Jibanananda Das and Abul Hasan keep alive all the dead cells and Rabindranath Tagore with his great philosophical fiction. It's like watering the trees on a hot summer day. Sometimes I wish I could write like them to release all of the anxiety or like a great storyteller; who refuses all the bad chapters by delivering fairy tales.

Furthermore, Carl Sagan is the man I feel most. An astrophysicist with a pure heart and superb writing capability. Perhaps he is the person who pushed me to think deeply with his excellent books Cosmos and The Dragons of Eden.

Finally, the movies with philosophical drama feel me the best charms of a sudden time. A good movie takes me into a dreamland full of joy. But I can feel we are all like a movie scene. We are acting superbly here to add an academic award. After all, life goes on, but the feelings have to change over time.

I have a great regret yet, I could not die in early childhood. But if I could, I would have missed all the bitter happiness of life. It's not a life! Isn't it? It's a trap, and death is the only solution. But before the last breath, I have to take the rest of the breaths to finish my allocation.

Hey, not so damn life yet; instead, solitude deals with the soul. And the ultimate happiness is to write down all the hopeless chapters. Then the lights will take us to the paradise of wings. I'm going to start writing on various topics, cause the flying magpie would have to fly a long long way...
The journey begins...

Great thanks to @notacinephile and @arinamin for bringing me on the Hive.

Thank you all, have a good day.


Welcome to our lovely community ❤️❤️❤️. Hope you will enjoy a lot here.

Thank you for your greetings.

Glad you didnt leave the Planet as a child, we would have missed out great words!

do not share your secrets with the people

Wise words

Thanks for the warm welcome. Good wishes to you.

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Welcome in Hive. I can sync with your ultimate line,

the ultimate happiness is to write down all the hopeless chapters
Maybe it is, or maybe the ultimate happiness remains in things you are still unable to discover. My best wishes are with you, InnShaaAllah you will find yourself out someday. I welcome you to this new journey of yours.

Thank you for your great inspiration. Hopefully, it would be an excellent journey. Good wishes to you as well.

Welcome theflyingmagpie!
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