12.2 - An Excerpt from the Multiverse, before madness!

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Long, long ago, in this multiverse....when sanity was still a thing, we once had a month long challenge. To push each other to the limits and beyond, Doc and ঝুনো মিয়া decided to compete and see who could write more posts over the course of a month. রহিম মোল্লা heard of this and was elated, and eventually joined in.

A fierce competition ensued by the end of which both Doc and Jhuno Miya was comfortably beat! Rohim molla ended the month with 17/18 posts. Jhuno miya and Doc tied at 12. That was the peak they could reach, their limit. These two might be mortal enemies, but one thing they have in common is, they are lazy as F when it comes to writing.


This was no ordinary number in this multiverse. There is so much history that it won't be farfetched to say that the gel of bonding that tied everything, revolved around 12.

As Doc aimlessly walked the seas of unknown faces, he wondered.....Do people still remember? Do they remember the Legend of Twelve?

In all these years since that month of fierce battles, and sleepless nights trying to churn out posts to meet "deadlines," neither Doc, nor Jhuno has been able to topple that number. Neither of them were even close. Up until now.

The sun had just set on the valley, a shade of lilac spread over the plains. Doc has been searching for ways to reverse the spell that erased his existence for quite some time now. He was told by a _wise old man_ that he would find answers on the peaks, and valleys in between.

There were no answers yet.

It was quite peaceful as Doc climbed his 12th peak in the last 18 days.

13th of the month.



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Even being mortal enemies, ঝুনো মিয়া sure does talk a lot about doc, so in the shadows his legacy still lives on.
p.s: Don't tell anyone but I think our ঠুয়া বাবা is a bit obsessed with you! 👀

I think our ঠুয়া বাবা is a bit obsessed with you

This is Jhuno miya's comment from a long long time ago, I’ll just leave it here for no reason whatsoever.


i remember the 12 bro. always will...

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