Do You Believe In The Myth Of One Soulmate?

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Hello Hive World! Do you believe in soulmates?

This is one topic I always found fascinating right from when I was a teenager. It came as a result of seeing my friends and classmates boasting about having boyfriends while I had none. They claimed those boyfriends were their soulmates.

Then the thoughts and feelings of companionship with a member of the opposite sex began to creep into my mind. I would watch my friends exchange love messages and attend parties with their boyfriends. They believed they were in love.


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A few days before our graduation from secondary (high) school, one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend. She cried her eyes out and I was the shoulder she leaned on. I tried my best to comfort her while promising not to allow myself to become hurt like that. I also antagonized the boyfriend for hurting my friend.

Now that I am older and wiser (I believe), I realized my friend was too young to know what or who a soulmate is or isn't. I know there are places where women are married off in their teenage years, which was what we were, it still does not mean they are mature for marriage or old enough to understand what a soulmate is.

Our souls are our inner person, our true selves, the place where our convictions and beliefs are formed. This presupposes that a soulmate is a person whose beliefs, characters and inner self make a 'perfect' match with another person. This makes their relationship easy, peaceful and they form a bond.

Some people believe there is only one soulmate created for everyone. I wonder, what about those who fall genuinely in love and have more than one soul connection? Does it mean they are an exception to the general rule? Does it not contradict the 'rule' of one soulmate?

The term soulmate in my opinion is derived from the bonds of friendship and fellowship. It is possible to form a soul connection or an unbreakable bond with another person and this does not have to be a romantic love connection.


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My mother and I are extremely close. We have that mother-daughter-friend bond and we understand each other. We share our inner thoughts. Therefore I can say we have a soul connection; we are soulmates. I also have a soul connection with my husband. That's a given. I think he knows me more than I know myself. 😃

This means soulmates are special connections we form as a result of our human interactions with others which is normal. Humans are social beings. But I choose to disagree with the popular notion that every man and woman is fated to have only one soulmate.

At every stage of our lives and environment, we meet people with whom we interact. Eventually, we connect specially with one or more people because it's normal and it's who we are. We can have more than one soulmate, romantic or platonic connection.

Holding onto the myth that we have only one soulmate can deter the formation of beautiful relationships. We cannot be an island, we need people. Go ahead and form those special connections.

What are your thoughts on this issue? I would love to know them.

Thanks for reading.


With what I have read and the definition you have given, I can see we can have many soulmates and it isn't only subjected to being in a relationship with the opposite sex alone. Thank you for this. @dreemport led me to your post.

I think you are right, there can be more than one soulmate in your life. In different aspects of your life.

It's a blessing when you are able to find a soulmate, the one who understands you without words being necessary to explain everything.

I'm here on behalf of @dreemport but also as a @ladiesofhive and #pimp supporter!


Very true, @blueeyes8960. It's a blessing to have a person or people who understands us and flows easily with us because in this present time, there are very few of them.

Thank you very much for your contribution to this topic. 😃

If you believe in soulgroups, than everyone has more than one soulmate. 😎

😃 Everyone does. We just have to find each other. Thank you.

Well, as I married at the young age of 24 to a 17-year-old girl, had kids, broke off my parent's support and anyone else for that matter... still happily living with the same girl after more than a decade.

Then seeing full-grown "adults" do worst... I can give an opinion that, age really doesn't matter... as I have seen kids age of 10 decide better.

If there is such thing as a soulmate, then thinking about it is "useless", the two of you will connect no matter what... the only thing that would make it worst is, thinking about it, questioning it, doubting it, being human.

I have seen relationships that are made for each other.. broken "just because", then regret it their whole lives.

If there is a testament to what a soulmate should be, in my humble opinion:

"It is the one person left standing by your side when everything else goes to hell."

Thank you, everything here is but my opinion taken from my experiences.

I am touched by your response to my post, @khoola. I had my hands full few days back with so many things I could not respond immediately.

Then seeing full-grown "adults" do worst... I can give an opinion that, age really doesn't matter... as I have seen kids age of 10 decide better.

You are correct and I appreciate that you and your partner are still together after more than a decade together. I cry sometimes when. I see relationships that should thrive break apart 'just because'.

"The one person left standing by your side when everything else goes to hell" is a brilliant definition of a soulmate. Thank you for sharing your experience here. 😃

Hello @khoola. When you say this, it is absolutely the truth of what I believe:

If there is a testament to what a soulmate should be, in my humble opinion:

"It is the one person left standing by your side when everything else goes to hell."

I have had one of those persons as a husband for the past 50 years.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

I do agree with you. I think connections can come when we least expect them to and don't have to be romantic at all. @khoola wrote a really good parable about the red threads that connect the special relationship between married couples and I commented there that I thought connections ran further than this. I love the concept of our lives finding the lives of others because of synchronicities and deeper soul values and commonalities and the idea that we are destined to meet certain people, come what may...😊 !ALIVE !PIZZA

Hi @samsmith1971. Thank you for your comment. Some connections are just so deep that words cannot capture nor effectively convey the true picture for others to understand. I will have to read Khoola's parable on the 'red thread'.


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This means soulmates are special connections we form as a result of our human interactions with others which is normal. Humans are social beings. But I choose to disagree with the popular notion that every man and woman is fated to have only one soulmate.

Everything I want to say on the topic is beautifully summarised in those lines. I completely agree with you on this.
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Thank you for sharing my thoughts and agreeing with me. 😃 Delicious pizza too, thanks.


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I choose to agree with you because I too believe that there may be more than one soulmate.

Nicely written!

I am happy I'm not alone on this. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

I've had some amazing people in my life and I'm still waiting for that amazing person!

Excellent post thank you very much for your content and have very amazing day.

Quite an interesting thought to ponder today I really appreciate your work.

I do agree that one can have many different soulmates at different stages of our life. Our entire life is a journey wherein we do not always take the same path or mode of transportation.

True and very well said. Thank you for your comment.

I don't personally believe in "soul mates". Yes, we get along very well with some people and not others at the same rates, but it's just simply that!

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I can agree with your viewpoint. I have the same bonding with my mother too but also I share this soulmate connection with my brother. That comfort zone is when the soul is exposed and acknowledged by someone. This connection requires time and attention. Hehe, that soulmate 😂 handy entered my life so In my view soulmate is not only a single person. Whoever knows and understands you perfectly, is your soulmate.

Hi Ayesha. You have expressed this topic better by saying whoever knows and understands us perfectly is our soulmate. Very true. 😃

Hi there 😊 but sometimes this understanding requires time more than our thought 😂 ( least experienced time by me is 1 year 😂)
Nice to greet you.

Hello @ladytitan. I read your article with interest. I believe it's possible to have more than one person you'd consider as a "soulmate" according to your definition above. That being said, the idea of a person totally understanding, standing up for or behind you, and having a connection to your inner being is possible on different levels. The idea being is that you can have a love interest soulmate and a friend soulmate.

Think about couple who believe they've found their soulmate. Through circumstances not their own, one passes away. Later, the surviving spouse finds another person with whom the idea of being a soulmate evolves. So effectively, that person has experienced more than one souldmate in his/her lifetime.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

Read through @dreemport

Very strong well written post @ladytitan! Excellent sourcing!
This post was obtained through Dreemport.

😃 I'm happy @dreemport brought you here. Thank you very much.

For me On the one hand, I believe you can be soulmate to whom you are married. If you aren't married,he is not your soul mate cos you can go separate ways anytime. On the other hand,what happens to those who lise their mate? Aren't you going to get another soul to mate with? 😂. When you do find him he becomes your soul mate as well. What about the former one if he was your sole soul mate?

So there are many soulmates, but you both become it, when in a union. That's my point which I think it is open to critics too. 🤣 @dreemport led me here