Homonyms - Let The Words Flow [Week #8]

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We are back again!

This feels weird, but it's a good weird.

Last week's topic managed to bring out some of the unspoken but silently understood issues regarding both genders. We are thankful towards the people who joined with us and participated, it was refreshing to read and relate to each one's perspective. Now it's time for a new topic to experiment on.

So, Without further ado, let's jump right into this week's project plan. But before that, let's take a trip down the memory lane and remember what 'Homonyms' is all about!

Project Plan:

The plan is simple. Every week or so, there will be one topic (it can be a word, a question, a feeling, a picture, anything, really!) given by us, on which we will write on. The written piece can be a story, a poem, a rant post, a blog, an opinion, anything, as long as it relates to the topic given.

The Rules?

There aren’t any. Just write whatever you want in the language of your choice (Bangla, English....French?! Have at it, if you must.) and post within the given timeframe. Simple.

To make it easier to find all the related posts regarding this project, follow a title pattern such as this – “Homonyms: Your title Name” and use #homonyms hashtag among the tags of your post.

As this is just for a little fun, there aren’t any rewards to be given out by us, so yeah, join at your own interest, and if you like it, then keep on writing with us..

Topic of the week(?)


If you want to live in this world, money is, without a doubt an essential variable to possess. More or less, we all need it, want it or desire it. But the question arises when out of nowhere, you suddenly possess an enormous amount to spend.

How will you spend it?

What will you do if you get one million dollars? Will you spend all of it at once or save it? Will you buy houses, cars, luxurious items or use it to travel around the world? Or will you just give it away to the poor?

Decision is yours to make and us to read.


with one million dollars? I'll become the traveler-gypsy I intended to become but a lot faster lol

Write about that Fantasy :v

I have said enough of that fantasy

Not enough! I wanna read the detail version of your witch-crafty :v

shat upp

I would definitely spend half on traveling/visiting countries too. :)

that's like living a dream

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My first priority is, I want to build up my dream house in my dream place 🙃 Also i have a ambition to do something for the poor.