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I urge not to coequal this post with the usual ones. Simultaneously, I request you to read my post in its entirety.

I'm currently studying at a renowned public University in Bangladesh. University does not mean just sharing a campus, everyone here is like a family. A student of Department of Government and Politics (45th batch) in Jahangirnagar University, NUSRAT SHARMIN RESHMA, has a long story of incurable cancer. This girl has been suffering from T-cell lung limphoma cancer.

She is not only my batch mate but also closest of mine. She was treated with family funding after the disease. Like Chemotherapy, Oral chemotherapy etc more various expensive treatments. It has cost more than 15 lakh tk so far.

At first her left lung was more affected. Currently, the cancer has spread to the left lung as well as the right lung. Whose reaction has fallen into her heart. Gradually her heart is getting blocked. Reshma's current doctor said

It is not possible to get such expensive treatment in Bangladesh. So she has to be treated in India as soon as possible. Otherwise it may not be possible to save Reshma.

In this situation, Reshma needs approximately 60 lakh tk for her treatment. It is almost impossible for a middle class family to accumulate such a big amount of money. Therefore, to save Reshma, we need the combined efforts and prayers as well. Please come forward to save Reshma. Our little effort can save the life of this meritorious student. As well as bring her back to a healthy life.

Above all, I wish blessings to all of you for Reshma's recovery. As well as requesting as much as possible. Your little help can bring a life back from the brink of death.

By giving a little you will help out a lot.

Do upvote this post for donation.

All donation funds will be spent on medical purpose.

If you want to donate through other option please let me know in comment section.

I wish blessings to all of you again for Reshma. We want to see Reshma again among all of us and want to bring her back to normal. May the Almighty accept our prayers.




May Allah cure her soon and keep every one of us hale and hearty.

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I pray that may she received healing in Jesus name, Amen.