Clean With Me #8

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Yuan was an extra good helper in this edition of Clean With Me! :)

I find Clean With Me and Study With Me videos help me focus and inspire me to keep going, so I hope they help you too. :) This video is just over an hour, so there's plenty of time to keep each other company while you do a longer chore or two. :)

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I was dreading the next stage of sorting my bookshelves: my plan is that books, papers, photographs, CDs etc plus any sentimental knick-knacks (and those that feed my artistic delusions) will fit into or onto my two large bookshelves.

I spent an hour yesterday sorting out the shelves and it was dispiriting - piles all over the floor (charity, shop, freecycle, sewing group, somewhere-else-in-the-house, tip) and overwhelmed with decision-making. But I put on your video and my big girl's pants, made my coffee and set to. At the end of an hour, nothing is in a pile on the floor. I've either found a home for it on the shelves or it is in a bag ready to go to its next stage in life.

I may even vacuum the floor!


Woohoo!!! Go you! 😃 That is very tiring work but so rewarding.

Hey, thanks so much for the tip! :)

Is that you cleaning in the video?


Thanks for reminding me to clean the area just above where the curtains are hung.

You're welcome! LOL

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