ART CURATION: 03 August 2022 - 10 August 2022

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Welcome to our curation report for the category #art

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Today's Highlighted Post


The real beauty in art comes from the message it sends. In todays featured post @gloriaolar shares with us a piece that is so dear to her. The details is near perfection. An extremely realistic piece of art. Do check out her work and support her.

art: painting

by @armandosodanoWithout green - watercolor on paper@priyanarc

art: digital art

by @leeendahSplinterlands Art Contest - Iza the Fanged @stevenson7

art: digital art

by @zpznDigital painting... #329-2@hafizullah

art: photography

by @asterkameSo Beautiful Red & Yellow Flowers That I Saw@semarekha
by @sreypovPretty Pictures Of A Dragonfly At The Waterfall 🪰 & More Insects 🦋🪲@semarekha
by @shariarahammadPhotography of beautiful yellow flowers@semarekha
by @digitalisFeathered Friends - Smap #80 - FAVOURITE BIRD@stevenson7
by @alcibiadesPeople photography 15 rolls in 15 days - Day 9@stevenson7
by @stefano.massariTwo guns of the second world war [EN]-[IT]@priyanarc
by @tommyl33The wedding dream // AI make it possible @priyanarc
by @farideh.shahedi[Handsome boy in the park photography
by @my451rFascinating Nature - Neglected wild plants@semarekha
by @digitalisskipper butterfly @priyanarc
by @azwar.ipankMonomad Challenge-Photo Hunt at the Traditional Fish Market@stevenson7
by @alexa-macroMonomad - Grasshopper Oxya yezoensis @hafizullah
by @jamaliah.jeePhotographylovers // My First Mushroom Photoshoot@hafizullah
by @asia-pl[PL / ENG] Deszczowy spacer wzdłuż Wisły / A rainy walk along the Vistula River My Actifit Report Card: August 6 2022@priyanarc
by @fachrulreza When an Oil Carrier Leaks@semarekha
by @amayphinASEANHIVE Week #18 Challenge 👩‍💻 🕌 Local Temple Tours 🛕@semarekha
by @thenorthernerThe End of an Endless Day@priyanarc
by @tattoodjaySublime and Beautiful Sunday back to the birds@priyanarc
by @nadin-zakrevskaMy cute and funny Max in #monomad challenge/Мій милий і смішний Макс En/Ua @priyanarc
by @tkigolincoAtmosphere of IAIN Lhoksemawe Campus@semarekha
by @ratelWildlife : Chipmunk-25🐿️@rezoanulvibes
by @soulsdetourDifficulties while capturing certain objects@rezoanulvibes
by @tangmoMagnificent Sunset at Black Mountain Golf, Hua Hin@rezoanulvibes
by @jlinaresp"SATURDAY"... Nothing new happening... MONOMAD ENG-ESP@hafizullah
by @baibuazaNice view, good atmosphere, and delicious food!@semarekha
by @jamaliah.jeeNew Blooming Flowers Photography@hafizullah
by @lasman07Third day 3 Photographing the journey of a leaf caterpillar that will become a cocoon and then become a butterfly@semarekha
by @jluferI'm surprised Have you seen something like it Es-Eng @priyanarc
by @hallmannFotograficzne refleksje@priyanarc
by @idayrusThe Beauty of Pink Cambodian Flowers@semarekha
by @turkcayiiKamp Yapmaya Ne Dersin?@semarekha
by @bilgin70Kaçkar Mountains and Seven Lakes / Kaçkar Dağları ve Yedi Göller 🏞️@priyanarc
by @may2015Sunset on the lake@stevenson7
by @tooktaชีวิตเล็กๆที่เรียกว่าแมลง = Insect & Spider Lovers = 385 {Polilla del Betabel Spoladea recurvalis }@semarekha
by @menatiMy artistic photography@priyanarc
by @syskwl관악산 관양능선-5 Gwanaksan Gwanyang Ridge-5 @semarekha
by @jasonmunapaseeFungi Friday Beautiful mushrooms in the fir forest@hafizullah
by @lasman07Second day 2 Photographing a caterpillar looking for a place to cocoon/and its shape@semarekha
by @addiebear33Flowers Through The Season...@priyanarc
by @idayrusWildflowers I found in the forest near my house@semarekha
by @nadin-zakrevskaВогнище з хвої для смаження ковбасок /A hearth made of needles for frying sausages Ua/En @priyanarc
by @roki21Photography Flowers.@semarekha
by @qwerriesummer macros #335@priyanarc
by @deltasteemMacrophotography Amata huebneri insect.@priyanarc
by @alvonsohivermacrophotography of stone beetles playing on red ginger leaves.@semarekha
by @ekachiyuniCute kitten playing in the yard@semarekha
by @jasonmunapaseeThe beauty of some flowers in the garden@hafizullah

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